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Action Mastery Retreats The Awakening


Nov 5 - 11, 2023

If you’re a high performing executive or entrepreneur who’s ready to ignite your passion, quantum leap your thinking and skills to the next level and forge a path to abundance that makes a positive impact in your life and the world around you - then join us in breathtaking Tulum for this powerful and transformational adventure!

Gazing across a crackling bonfire, you take in all the smiling faces and engaging conversations buzzing around you, as you absorb the tribal sounds of ancestral Mayan music gently playing in the background…

You reflect on an awe-inspiring day spent experiencing the magical energy, jungle vibes, fresh ocean breeze and spiritual renewal of the mythical city of Tulum.  

New friends share their favorite memories as you laugh thinking about your first attempt to play the handpan drum. Your heart swells as you remember how exhilarated you felt experiencing breathwork for the first time.  The wafting of floral incense and copal in the air has revived your spirits and left you giddy with joy. 

Peering at the ethereal moon over the lush Yucatan jungle, you’re delighted that you’re here…celebrating life in the Mayan Riviera.

(It’s easy to feel like Indiana Jones on an expedition to find the Crystal Skull!)

Ah…the enchantment of Tulum!

“You Are Not a Human Being Having a Spiritual Experience. You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience”

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A survey done by the American Psychological Association in 2022 found that 76% of people reported experiencing negative impacts to their health due to stress and depression.  And 68% said they are struggling to find a deeper purpose in life that inspires them.  

So imagine the benefits you’ll get from two months of life coaching focused on helping you relax, reset and get clear on what really matters to you.  Not to mention, spending seven extraordinary days and nights nourishing your body and mind through learning, music and innovative therapeutic healing arts performed by our soul-centered experts sharing their wisdom to help you tap into your potential & advance your health, relationships and career. 

This transcendent event is a real evolution of mind, body and spirit.  

When we bring a community together with the focus of personal and collective growth, we achieve so much more.

It’s time to stop waiting until you “get there” to be happy and start living for today.  Every day should bring you a level of fulfillment and help you build momentum to your goals and dreams.

We live in a fast-paced world where daily life is getting more challenging each year.  It’s clear that there’s no time to lose if you want to get ahead of the curve.

NOW is the time to take the actions that will build a foundation to a better tomorrow for yourself and those around you.  

Coaching and retreats have been proven to be the best way to accelerate your progress and make the changes you are seeking.  

This wellness journey is for you if:

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    You’re open-minded and ready for an adventure.

  • list-triangle

    You crave experiences where you can let go and recharge while being inspired by culture and new resources that enhance your life.

  • list-triangle

    You’re ready for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of what inspires you.

  • list-triangle

    You’re seeking a healthy way to overcome stress and eliminate past traumas.

  • list-triangle

    You feel called to lead and help others

  • list-triangle

    You want to engage with like-minded people to compassionately share in each other's journeys and exchange new ideas.

  • list-triangle

    You yearn for balance and peace of mind

  • list-triangle

    You’re curious about new ways to pursue your dreams and make a bigger positive impact in the world.

This event is NOT for you if you are:

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    Not open to adventure and new ideas

  • list-triangle

    Not interested in sharing your experience with others

  • list-triangle

    Not willing to leave your comfort zone

  • list-triangle

    Not interested in self reflection and personal growth

  • list-triangle

    Not ready to let go of the past and discover how to build your dreams

If you answered YES to five or more of these items then this transformational retreat was designed for YOU

…and you’re going to be THRILLED with Action Mastery Tulum.  

It’s 7 days of adventure, culture, body healing, music, dancing, spirituality, mouth watering food and mindfulness - an array of goodies we can all appreciate and greatly need more of in our lives. 

At times realignment can appear as suffering, pain and dis-ease. This disharmony is beckoning a recalibration of self.  Throughout our retreat, we will explore practical tools to help us to re-align with our health and highest destiny to restore harmony in our lives and our world.

We have meticulously curated our curriculum to ensure you get massive value out of this event mixing powerful self discovery with spectacular activities and adventures. 

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Our retreats are designed to take you out of your regular routine and immerse you in an experience that will truly transform you inside and out.

As a life and business coach for more than two decades, I have witnessed the struggle most people have with making time for their health and personal growth.

We know many of the behaviors we should be doing but it’s difficult to break our habits and invest in ourselves at the level we should be doing it.

I have learned that real transformation happens when you create a unique space where your mind, body and spirit are inspired and challenged to grow in new ways.

There are so many classes and workshops and other retreats that invite you to take a break from the rat race but they’re lacking the mindset focus and curriculum necessary to invoke real deep change that lasts.

You can take a vacation or go to a yoga retreat and when you go home, you will feel relaxed and recharged but if you really want to change your life and advance to the next level, it takes powerful mindset work and a specific process to ensure the knowledge stays with you!

“What is the difference….?” The Action Mastery Retreats are the Pinnacle of my coaching work.

I have poured my heart and soul into the development of these experiences and each retreat has its own life; created to take you on a unique journey that’s exactly where you need to be!

When you attend an Action Mastery Retreat, your journey begins long before you arrive at our location

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    Each attendee will receive a private one-on-one Discovery Call with Brett Baughman.

    During this call, we will discuss your intention for joining us and the specific goals you want to accomplish during our time together.

    We will uncover any blindspots or problems that could interfere with your progress and set a plan to support your success.

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    We will ask you to complete a detailed Personal History that will ensure we understand who you are and where you’re coming from to aid us in guiding your journey.

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    You will then be given access to our Action Mastery Coaching App. The coaching app program will begin coaching you on how to Discover Your Passions and identify areas for improvement, as well as, recognize what areas of life need love and energy.

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    During our retreat, we will focus on three areas of development and healing; Mindset, Physical healing and Spiritual growth.


We will accomplish this through an exciting and inspiring mixture of group coaching sessions, body work and transformational practices that will recharge you and fundamentally reprogram you for better living.

There is nothing in the world like sharing space with a group of open individuals who are seeking to better themselves. Add to that, the magic that happens when you are surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes on the planet and you’re guaranteed to embark on a once in a lifetime odyssey.

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    Kundalini Yoga

  • list-triangle

    Advanced Breathwork

  • list-triangle

    Sound Healing

  • list-triangle

    Transcendental Meditation

  • list-triangle

    Bonfire Mastermind Pow Wows

  • list-triangle

    Drum Circles

  • list-triangle

    Ancient Music and Tribal Rituals

  • list-triangle

    Chanting Mantras

  • list-triangle

    Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • list-triangle

    Shaman healing work

  • list-triangle

    And much more….

How You Will Benefit from this Quest…

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    You will enjoy 6 incredible nights and 7 gorgeous days of purpose-driven exploration into your wellbeing and mastery of self at our stunning private eco resort in the Yucatan Jungle.

  • list-triangle

    You will gain clarity on your passions and deepest desires while creating a personal action plan that promotes deeper purpose in your life.

  • list-triangle

    You will let go of past trauma and pain allowing a new version of you to shine through.

  • list-triangle

    You will explore ancient methodologies and technologies for healing and transformation that will quantum leap your progress in all areas of life.

  • list-triangle

    You will cultivate a rich sense of compassion and enhance your emotional intelligence.

  • list-triangle

    You will strengthen your confidence, communication skills and ability to handle the unexpected problems of life.

  • list-triangle

    You will learn ways to reduce stress and overwhelm and get back on track quickly when necessary.

  • list-triangle

    You will enjoy ample free time to process the day's activities, to journal and drink in the knowledge you collect.

  • list-triangle

    You will develop a vision of what The Ideal You™ looks like and how to start living it now!

Would that be worth coming to Tulum for?

Yes, absolutely!

BONUS: Before you ever leave for Tulum, you’ll start making progress and seeing results because I’m going to personally coach you for two months!

That’s right!  Most retreats and vacations start when you step off the plane but our adventure is going to begin well before that…

You and I will spend two months coaching together to help you discover your passions and uncover any limiting thinking or behaviors that are holding you back.  I will guide you through specific lessons and tasks to improve your performance and results. 

You will gain access to my innovative Action Mastery coaching app that will aid me in supporting you, motivating you and holding you accountable each and every day!

I’m committed to helping you truly transform and this level of engagement and preparation will ensure that you realize dynamic results from our journey together and arrive in Tulum with an undeniable fire in your heart to transcend. 

I want to be inspired and transformed

The Venue

Tulum - in the heart of the Riviera Maya where the Caribbean Sea meets the Yucatan Jungle - conjures images of towering Mayan Ruins resting upon white sandy beaches and overlooking the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second-longest coral reef system in the world.

It’s said that the great wall around the city was erected to protect it from envious traders and pirates who wanted to steal the prime location for themselves.

The pull of ancient Mayan energies combined with the magic of the natural wonders and historic sites, entices people from around the world to this brilliant landscape.

We will spend 7 intoxicating days and 6 nights at our own private eco resort - Paledora.

Set back in the Yucatan Jungle, Paledora is a unique sanctuary of serenity.  A sense of calm will wash over you as you soak in this sensational location and it’s bohemian décor.  

The Paledora Resort boasts its own private cenote, underground cave, yoga studio, two magnificent palapas for group meetings and four amazing Casa’s for our guests to stay and indulge in…

The soothing tangerine colors and wide open spaces will tempt you to lose track of time and enjoy a well-deserved siesta.  

Each of the remarkable houses for our guests has its own kitchen, living room and meeting area to kick back and spend time journaling or reminiscing on the activities of the day.  

Did I mention there are two jungle pools for our guests to lounge by? Ahhh…

You will feel like you’ve escaped your reality and landed in your own private paradise!

In addition, there are numerous activities and offerings to take advantage of from the Temazcal (ancient wellness ritual, similar to a sweat lodge) to a pampering spa treatment.  

We promise, we’re going to send you home better than we found you!

I want to take this journey

The Cuisine

Paledora’s commitment to health and wellness shines brightly through its fresh and creative approach to food. Their menu is designed to nourish the two basic aspects that are essential to the development of every human being; one is the balance of macro and micro nutrients and the other is the use of seasonal foods, honoring the natural process of Pachamama.

Cuisine Section Photo 2

You will savor incredible dishes lovingly created from locally sourced produce and organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Each day our own private chef will design a mouthwatering dish for each meal that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling gratified.

We are aware that food is medicine and Paledora takes pride in making sure your experience is the best possible; mind, body and spirit!

Cuisine Section Photo 3

The Delights

During our retreat adventure, we’re going to fill your heart and dazzle your mind with everything from mind blowing wellness sessions to marvelous excursions to visit some of the most unique and extraordinary places in Mexico.  

Grab your suntan lotion and camera because we will spend a day exploring the exciting Avenida Tulum where you enjoy gorgeous beaches sitting along the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  

We will take you to one of our favorite spots to hang out and enjoy an impromptu jam session that will make your heart sing.  We will laugh together and share stories of our journey while savoring the outstanding cuisine at a popular hotspot that sits right on the Atlantic ocean. 

And yes…you will have time to explore on your own and indulge in some of the best shopping in Tulum.  (I’m even going to give you a list of my favorite places to check out for shopping and taking photos and more!) 

Please note: We keep our agenda secret in order to surprise you and make this transformation journey a once in a lifetime experience for you.  Our team will ensure you have the necessary information to find success but it’s important to be present to the needs and flow of the group and make sure we are working together in harmony to give you a truly powerful event you will be talking about for years to come.  

Here’s a sneak-peek into some of activities we’ll guide you through during this life-changing event:

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    Powerful Group Mindfulness Sessions

  • list-triangle

    Exhilarating Yoga Sessions

  • list-triangle

    Extraordinary BreathWork Sessions

  • list-triangle

    Enlightening Meditation Sessions

  • list-triangle

    Sensational Sound Healing Sessions

  • list-triangle

    Excursions to unbelievable locations

  • list-triangle

    Singing, Dancing and Music that will warm your soul and inspire you mind

  • list-triangle

    Personal Time to heal, process and reflect

  • list-triangle

    Group conversations and masterminds

  • list-triangle

    And more…

What’s Included

  • list-triangle

    Two months of life and business coaching with Brett Baughman prior to our retreat in Tulum.

  • list-triangle

    Access to Brett Baughman’s innovative Action Mastery Coaching App

  • list-triangle

    Seven incredible days together with daily deep-dive mastermind sessions and lots of fun and engaging conversations all week!

  • list-triangle

    Lavish jungle accommodations double occupancy, 6 nights at a beautiful bohemian chic Casa at Paledora Eco Resort in Tulum, Mexico. (yes there are 2 beds in the rooms and AC!)

  • list-triangle

    Action Mastery Group Coaching Sessions

  • list-triangle

    All Action Mastery Wellness Sessions

  • list-triangle

    Six delicious breakfasts

  • list-triangle

    Six wonderful dinners

  • list-triangle

    Five mouth-watering lunches

  • list-triangle

    Daily snacks

  • list-triangle

    Wifi access

  • list-triangle

    Evening concerts, music and folly!

  • list-triangle

    Shuttles to all excursions

  • list-triangle

    Entrance fees to any sites we visit together in Tulum

  • list-triangle

    Professional photos of your amazing journey

  • list-triangle

    All scheduled adventures are ‘on us’ - we don’t want to spoil the surprise right now but trust me, you’ll love them!

What’s Not Included

  • list-triangle

    Flights and airfare

  • list-triangle

    Shuttle to Paledora Eco Resort from the airport and return shuttle

  • list-triangle

    Any optional activities you choose to do such as spa treatments, private photo sessions, laundry, taxis, souvenir shopping or gift shopping, additional meals purchased outside of the scheduled group meals

  • list-triangle

    Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


Arrive into Cancun International Airport (CUN) on Nov 5, 2023 before 1pm if possible. We have an incredible opening ceremony and dinner planned for you and want to ensure you have enough time to get to the resort and get settled in before the ceremony begins

The Luminaries

We call our team the Luminaries. A luminary is a person of brilliant achievement; a spirit that shines brightly and gives light to others. That perfectly describes these beautiful souls. Let me introduce you to them.

Processed with Lensa with Magic Correction

LIfe Coach And Retreat Leader Brett Baughman

My greatest passion in life is helping others to discover their passion and purpose so they can live a fulfilling life that leads to their destiny!

I am blessed to love my career; it’s not work to me, it’s a calling and I am truly grateful every day to do what I do. 

Creating the Action Mastery Retreats has been a dream of mine for over a decade.  

These experiences are truly the pinnacle of my work.  Having spent the last two decades as a life and business coach, I have discovered what is required for real transformation.  I have worked with clients from all walks of life helping them overcome past traumas, remove unwanted behaviors and learn how to discover their passion and purpose for life so they can live inspired and experience fulfillment every day in their personal lives, their careers and relationships. 

We live in a busy world that consumes our attention and energy and too often we develop bad habits that keep us from living a lifestyle where we feel healthy and happy.  

Most of my clients tell me they feel stuck or that they’ve lost their passion, not knowing what the deeper meaning is to everything.  I have developed the Action Mastery Retreats to help you hit the reset button and learn new methodologies and resources that will advance you to the next level in all areas of your life. 

I’m excited to have you join me on a once in a lifetime journey that will help you create the life of your dreams.  

Transformational Breathwork Coach Andres

Since my birth, I felt called to nature.

At an early age, I got in touch with the water world, and ever since, water has been a master teacher for me; creating the perfect space to feel myself and my connection with the world.

I experienced such surprising joy when I first started to explore the coral reef and the amazing frequencies of life created there.

That was the moment I became truly aware of my breathing and how breath helps us to discover literally new worlds, dimensions and possibilities!

For the last couple of years, I’ve been experimenting with many different activities that have guided me to a deeper understanding of who I am and my real passions.

I feel blessed to share these gifts with you through music, breath and meditation.  

Andres Transformational Breathwork Coach
Fabian Shaman Healer

Shaman and Spiritual Healer Fabian

Fabian is a Spiritual Healer and a Temazcal Leader.

He was induced at a young age into the preservation of the Ancestral Pre-Hispanic sciences based on the roots of ancient Mexico.

His travels has taken him to be initiated by the Mazatecs in Oaxaca Mountains and the Wirrarikas in the Occident part of Mexico where he has gained a deep insight of his healing and
transformation gifts.

His true mission on Earth is delivering Freedom to Humanity through the medicine of the Temazcal. He has followed the Toltec & Aztec teachings throughout his life to guide humanity in regaining their personal freedom.

Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Gee

Hi beautiful souls, Gee here. 

I am originally from England, where I spent my childhood years until turning 9, when we moved to live in Southern Spain. I’ve always been an outdoor, nature loving and free spirited person,  even from a young age. I was always a busy bee and never inside! 

I grew up surrounded by music, dance, sport and creativity. Those of which inspire my unique, fun and flowing yoga sequencing.

I lived in Spain for over 16 years, embracing the language, culture, and completing a Masters in Teaching and a Degree in Veterinary Medicine. The latter also gave me the opportunity to live in North Italy and Mexico. 

The inner wanderlust in me sparked a desire to explore and share my knowledge for growth with others. 

I completed my accredited Yoga Alliance Teacher Training three years ago, in Nusa Lembongan, a small, beautiful island, in Bali. This was a dream come true, being able to inspire others with their own personal practice, guiding them with breath and helping them to connect more with themselves through the power of yoga is something I’ve always dreamt of.

Gee Yoga Instructor

My training was a Yin/Yang inspired course, exploring Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga. I furthered my education in Pre & Post Natal and youth yoga as well.

I’m very positive, energetic and get a lot of you from listening to the needs of others. My yoga style is powerful and fiery intertwined with soft and calm moments. In addition, I provide clear and concise guidance, giving you the chance to move with your breath and make the practice your own.

I can’t wait to share this beautiful experience and journey together. Until then, I ´ll leave you with my personal ¨Sankalpa¨ or intention; ¨Flow with freedom, Sparkle with Energy. ¨

David Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Kundalini Yoga Instructor David

Hi I’m David from the magical city of Tulum.

I started my practice of Kundalini Yoga at the young age of 15 by learning from different teachers around my country. 

At 19 years old I started my career as a physical therapist and after working more than 9 years in different medicine areas, I started to mix Kundalini Yoga, Pranayamas and Physical Therapy to treat and work with patients and students helping them to achieve and realize all the capacities and secret powers to heal their bodies, minds and souls. 

I’m always seeking new ways to show my clients how powerful humans can be.  My passion is sharing this knowledge with the world, so we can make a dramatic positive change in this new era."


Sasha Bartashevich is an artist, musician and vocalist.

She has been performing over a period of 17 years and at this very moment expanding her skillset in therapy through sound and voice.

Her purpose is to guide people in self-discovery, consciousness and deep understanding of inner voice and frequencies.


Music Director & Sonic Guide Jordan

Many Blessings, J.Handel here.

I am truly honored to be your sonic guide through this week of magical transformation with Action Mastery in Tulum.

Using my 13-year background of DJing, 11 years of event production, 7 years curating & growing my Las Vegas based event company ‘Subtle Sol,’ and 2.5 years of sound-bath facilitations; I will be the aural glue that will carry your cultivated vibrations from one activation to the next.

Collaborating with our retreat luminaries I will  provide tonal ambience to their activations, as well as self-led movement & dance.

My specialty as a music curator is carefully filling a space with cohesive energy that will resonate with the desired intention; playing carefully selected frequencies of music that supports meditation, yoga, conversation, dance, and everything in between.

I’m greatly looking forward to offering my mastery in the art of DJing to this collective for the intention of healing, communing, and expanding over the course of our week together.

I'm excited to see you there!

Event Coordinator Dani

Dani has a real talent and passion for designing experiences that inspire others and help them create a space to learn and grow. 

As an event coordinator, Dani pours her heart and soul into each event, making sure every detail has been meticulously thought out.  She’s a master at composing experiences that run so smoothly, that her guests can relax and indulge in the festivities. 

Dani works closely with Brett Baughman on the Action Mastery retreats and strongly believes that this work is her calling.  She is confident the retreats will positively impact the lives of many. 

Dani balances her “workaholic” nature with her love for doing art, photography, yoga and travel.  She has explored more than 30 countries.  Waiting until retirement to ‘see the world’ was not an option for her and she proclaims it’s always money well spent!  Few things bring her more pleasure than checking locations off of her worldly bucket list and adding new stamps to her passport.

Dani Event Specialist

Dani’s happily married to Sam who helped her raise their lovely daughter, Mya. They are a power team who enjoy being at service to others while adding lots of genuinely positive energy to every occasion. When Dani’s near, you will enjoy knowing you’ve got a kindred spirit watching out for your best interests at times!

Cactus and Lace Family 2022

Photographer and Videographer Amanda

Amanda Monk is the owner and operator of Jubilee Occasions as lead photographer and event planner, specializing in destination events and weddings. 

Her passion in photography was noticed at a young age and encouraged through her school years. She’d later become a full time photographer and wedding planner beginning in 2014 and continues this pursuit today.  

Her love for capturing special moments and events, combined with her attention to detail has made her one of the very few hybrid combinations in the industry. 

Her happy and loving personality helps her clients feel natural and confident in front of the lens. 

Amanda has a servant heart that loves to give people an experience of joy. Most times you can find her laughing, dancing and trying to hold still. She considers every event a true honor to be a part of.  

When she isn’t running her business, you can find her exploring beautiful Mother Earth with her kids and as a solo female traveler. Being born and raised in the desert has made her love for the warmth of the sun her favorite place to be. 

If you see her around, she encourages friends and strangers to say hello at any time!

Project Manager and Retreat Assistant Sam

Sam is an eternal optimist, and his sunglasses are always rose-colored.  His calming vibes and genuine curiosity make him an easy person to be around.

He has a deep background in project management, logistics, and service. Sam is diligent about mitigating potential problems before they happen, but when they do arise, he’s the first person you want around.  

Sam practices yoga and various breathing techniques, loves his handpan drum, and he’s a sucker for music festivals. His favorite places are long trails to the top of somewhere. Not the summits, because he believes true experience happens more often in the journeys than the destinations.

Sam’s greatest accomplishment is his partnership with his wife, Dani. His greatest asset is the collection of amazing people he has surrounded himself with.

Sam Retreat Assistant
Mya Retreat Assistant

Retreat Assistant Mya

Hi, I’m Mya!

I’m a personal trainer and soon to be Nutrition and Life Coach. 

In the last three years, I have spent countless hours identifying and developing a plan to pursue my passions in all aspects of life with the help of Brett and my parents Sam and Dani! Some of these passions include empowering women in the form of education on fitness and nutrition whilst coaching them in confidence boosting techniques.

In addition, I concluded that it was time to move away from my home town in California to pursue all of these passions and continue to grow in my own personal development. So, I picked up and followed my parents out to Las Vegas! 

Since moving, I’ve begun to build my own independent training business, got my first furry companion (my kitten Theodore!) and have partnered up with Brett and the Luminaries to put on this amazing retreat! 

My goal with this partnership is to share my knowledge, techniques and advice to all of our participants and help assist them on their own enlightenment journeys. 

I’m SO excited to meet you all soon!

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