Discover Your Passion and Purpose So You Can Live a Fullfilling Life

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“Working with Brett; the Smartest decision I've ever made!”

Jennifer Quilici

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My mission in life is to help you discover your passion and purpose so you can live a fulfilling life that inspires you. Being a professional life coach and business coach for more than two decades, I have learned the importance of teamwork; the value of a mastermind group; how to create empowered communities of like minded individuals; what it means to act with integrity; the power of innovation; strategies for success and much more. I look forward to connecting with you and discovering how I can assist you to become The Ideal You®!

I work with clients internationally; so no matter where you are in the world, give me a call!

"Remember, extraordinary is only a thought away..."

Extraordinary is Only a Thought Away!

Our services are designed to fit everyone's needs

Are you tired of feeling unhappy?
Do you want to see better results in your life? Brett Baughman will help you eliminate the obstacles to become The Ideal You®

Every study and every statistic has shown, over and over that companies who invest in business coaching enjoy exponential growth & success. We guarantee our results, so what do you have to lose?

We would love for you to join us at one of our transformational retreats or contact us to discuss a private retreat for you and your VIP group.

Life gets busy and we don't always make time for the help we need; now you have a powerful solution right in your hand.


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Discover Your Passion and Purpose

Tired of feeling stuck? Want to be inspired and fulfilled?

The Methodology of Our Life Coaching and Business Coaching

At The Brett Baughman Companies, we believe the path to success is created when you a) discover your passion(s) b) empower your thinking and c) execute an intelligent plan. Our mission, is to help you become The Ideal You®.

As your life coach, we will help you to develop a clear understanding of who you are right now; what drives you; what fears are holding you back; and what skills do you need to achieve the goals you desire!  Our life coaching programs will educate you on ways to improve your communication; your motivation; your purpose and direction; your health; your relationships and more.

Best Life Coach in Las Vegas, Nevada

Brett Baughman was voted the Best Business & Life Coach in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020. He will help to improve your life, your business, your health, your relationships, and your overall results – Schedule your free consultation today.

Brett Baughman is a Certified Life Coach based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s been coaching for two decades. Voted Best Business and Best Life Coach 6 years running.

Achieve Your Life Goal with Brett Baughman

Brett has helped countless business and political leaders, Fortune 50, 100 and 500 executives, Top athletes, Super-star actors and musicians to improve their life, business, health, relationships and much more. So what are you waiting for? Call Brett today!

Life Coaching and Therapy

We have several options for life coaching and therapy: (please contact our office for details).

  • One-on-one life coaching

  • Relationship Coaching & Marriage Counseling

  • Anger Management, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

  • Drug Addiction & Alcohol Abuse

  • Leadership & Confidence Training

  • Personal Breakthrough Sessions

Business Coaching and Executive Coaching

The biggest challenge that businesses and entrepreneurs face today is making sure they can keep up with all the demands of running a successful operation.   And just as every great athlete has a coach to support them, challenge them and keep them sharp; our business coaching and executive coaching will provide you with valuable expertise and strategic thinking that elevates your game!

Whatever solution your business needs, our Business Coaching has you covered!:

  • Advanced Sales Training & Development

  • Leadership & Management Training

  • Business Development & Operations

  • Recruiting & On Board Training

  • Call Center Design & Training

  • Marketing & Brand Development

  • Social Media Management

  • C-Suite Coaching & Training

NOTE: Each solution is designed to provide your company with dynamic results and to increase profitability.

Executive Coaching

As your Executive Coach, we understand your unique needs and we are here to help you enhance your performance, while reducing your stress.  Here are a few of our executive coaching solutions.  (please contact our office for more details).

  • Advanced Communication Skills

  • Management Skills – how to manage your managers

  • Negotiation

  • How to build a Company Culture

  • Training Development and Employee Growth

  • Personal Performance & Income Growth

  • Team Building

  • Effective Meeting Design & Execution

  • How to develop Top Performers

  • Organization and Efficiency

If your business is struggling and you aren’t seeing the results that you want CLICK HERE to schedule a free business analysis.  We will provide you with a free business analysis and show you can produce extraordinary results sooner than you think!