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Life Coach


An individual who has a passion and skillset for leading others to greater heights of achievement.  A person who will guide you, motivate you, inspire you and hold you accountable to producing outstanding results consistently.

Life Coaching

The key to success in life is determining what’s most important to you and how to accomplish it.  I call this discovering your passion or purpose.  As we experience life we are taught lessons; sometimes those lessons help us and other times they hurt us or limit our thinking and therefore create fear or doubts about our abilities to be who we want to be.  By discovering your passions and understanding what new skills you need to learn or what bad habits and problems need to be changed, you can become The Ideal You®. I will help you to understand what you want to achieve in each area of your life and how to make it a reality!  In addition, you will learn how to improve your personal process of learning and communication.  My life coaching programs are designed to help my clients overcome everything from therapy for anxiety, depression, addiction, lack of motivation, confidence, focus and more.  Our empowerment life coaching programs will help you build confidence, leadership skills, motivation, creative and innovative thinking, emotional intelligence, integrity, balance and more!

Services provided: Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Marriage Counseling, Confidence Training, Leadership Development, Therapy, Addiction Therapy



Services provided

  • Life Coaching

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Confidence Training

  • Leadership Development

  • Therapy

  • Addiction Therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a program between a certified coach and a client. That coach analyzes the challenges in the client’s life and works with the individual to provide counseling.

The ultimate goal is to help the individual improve their mindset, behaviors, and career results. Afterward, clients experience a healthier, more balanced life for their mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Together, a mentor and mentee are able to create new goals and execute plans for the client to take control of their issues and begin a new path to success. Coaches help in areas of mental, physical, emotional, financial, and career distress and development.

What Are the Benefits of Life Coaching?

Having a coach is an invaluable experience for most people. With a counseling guide, a person is able to…

  • Boost self-confidence and self-worth
  • Decrease social anxiety and depression
  • Increase productivity
  • Begin the journey to happiness
  • Overcome challenges in relationships
  • Receive career advice
  • Create a system of support
  • Improve mental health
  • Learn money management skills
Do You Offer Life Coaching for Men Specifically?

Yes, we do. We recognize that some people need specialized coaching. While general coaching may still be beneficial, people get the most out of counseling directed at their specific issues.

Men today face many issues in our society. They often suppress their issues until they can no longer be contained. This can result in failed relationships, ruined careers, and a lack of friends.

As a result, men have difficulty expressing their emotions in a healthy way. Many cannot even tell when they are stressed. A life coach empowers them to take control of what they’re feeling before they self-sabotage.

How Does a Men's Life Coach Differ From a General Life Coach?

While they both focus on personal development, life coaching for men has specific advantages. It can help men feel confident in their lives as they practice taking control of unwanted situations and moving forward from past grievances.

A week or two away from women can help some guys feel less pressure. The more relaxed a client is, the better a coach can help them.

In What Other Ways Is Men's Life Coaching Helpful?

Life coaching for men can teach a variety of invaluable lessons. Men can…

  • Learn techniques to de-stress
  • Acquire tools and strategies for more effectively interacting with women
  • Gain a new perspective on the world
  • Discover new job opportunities
  • Learn to love more freely and talk openly in relationships
  • Improve communication skills
  • Build confidence
  • Understand how to manage emotions, including anger management
What Happens on Men's Life Coaching Retreats?

On a male-exclusive retreat, men are able to unwind in a stress-free environment. During their time there, they are able to…

  • Build a connection with other men who share similar problems
  • Gain friends and support
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Have the ability to share their story in a non-judgmental environment
  • Start the process of dealing with past traumas
  • Develop skills for managing a challenging job while minimizing anxiety
  • Learn to take accountability
  • Start developing a strategy to maintain a healthy mindset
  • Reinforce their masculinity at a moment when they may be struggling to accept themselves
What Qualifies Someone to Be a Life Coach?

There are a lot of uncertified “coaches” in the world. They often end up doing more harm than good. A credible mentor should have…

  • The skills to develop a sense of safety and genuine care while remaining professional
  • An understanding of the world beyond their own perspective
  • The ability to create forward plans alongside the client
  • The tendency to be equally focused on the client’s success, health, and overall happiness
  • The willingness to take the needs of the client’s partner into consideration when giving relationship advice
  • A verifiable certificate
Are Life Coaches Therapists?

An amazing coach can act as a non-judgmental sounding board and point clients’ lives in the right direction. However, for serious mental health issues, a client should talk to a counselor with professional experience.

Brett Baughman is both a life coach and a therapist

How Do I Choose the Right Person to Be My Coach?

In the case that you’re looking for job help, you should consider someone who understands aspects of your career. If you need relationship counseling, choose someone who has a successful, long-term relationship.

There are some basic questions you should ask as you search for a mentor:

Do you need to address professional challenges or personal issues?

Are you primarily focused on improving your health mentally, physically, or financially?

How many years or decades of counseling experience does the mentor have?

What strategies do they use to lead clients?

How Does Coaching Help With Substance Abuse and Addiction?

A skilled life coach can help people suffering from additions form a sense of personal accountability. Addicts can also reach their full potential by decreasing feelings of shame and inadequacy.

In retreats, addicts are able to practice self-restraint in a controlled environment. The change in scenery also helps relieve the stress that drives addiction.

A mentor can help a person identify the issues keeping them stuck in the throws of their addiction. With the ability to address the underlining matter of their dependence, mentees can begin to move forward in their relationships, their career, and their path to a better future.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Business Coaching

Do you need help analyzing and restructuring your business? A certified business coach can help you identify the problems in your company and build strategies toward success.


We offer various forms of hypnosis for different needs. At its basics, hypnosis allows a person to access their subconscious mind. Powerful messages can be placed there to help the person become more driven to take a particular action.

Hypnosis can NOT force you to do anything you do not want to. Our hypnotists are licensed professionals who use the utmost caution and do not do anything without your express consent.

Life Coaching Training

Do you want to become a life coach? We offer a training program to help you obtain your certificate. Previous counselors are especially encouraged to apply.

Additional Resources

You can find more information about life coaching and other services we provide on our blog. Should you have a specific question, feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment.


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