Transformational Retreats

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“Why Action Mastery” The name says it all…

Our retreats are designed to take you out of your regular routine and immerse you in an experience that will truly transform you inside and out.

As a life and business coach for more than two decades, I have witnessed the struggle most people have with making time for their health and personal growth.

We know many of the behaviors we should be doing but it’s difficult to break our habits and invest in ourselves at the level we should be doing it.

I have learned that real transformation happens when you create a unique space where your mind, body and spirit are inspired and challenged to grow in new ways.

There are so many classes and workshops and other retreats that invite you to take a break from the rat race but they’re lacking the mindset focus and curriculum necessary to invoke real deep change that lasts.

You can take a vacation or go to a yoga retreat and when you go home, you will feel relaxed and recharged but if you really want to change your life and advance to the next level, it takes powerful mindset work and a specific process to ensure the knowledge stays with you!

The Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica is a great example of the magical locations we will explore together during your transformation.

“What is the difference….?” The Action Mastery Retreats are the Pinnacle of my coaching work.

I have poured my heart and soul into the development of these experiences and each retreat has its own life; created to take you on a unique journey that’s exactly where you need to be!

When you attend an Action Mastery Retreat, your journey begins long before you arrive at our location

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    Each attendee will receive a private one-on-one Discovery Call with Brett Baughman.

    During this call, we will discuss your intention for joining us and the specific goals you want to accomplish during our time together.

    We will uncover any blindspots or problems that could interfere with your progress and set a plan to support your success.

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    We will ask you to complete a detailed Personal History that will ensure we understand who you are and where you’re coming from to aid us in guiding your journey.

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    You will then be given access to our Action Mastery Coaching App. The coaching app program will begin coaching you on how to Discover Your Passions and identify areas for improvement, as well as, recognize what areas of life need love and energy.

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    During our retreat, we will focus on three areas of development and healing; Mindset, Physical healing and Spiritual growth.


We will accomplish this through an exciting and inspiring mixture of group coaching sessions, body work and transformational practices that will recharge you and fundamentally reprogram you for better living.

There is nothing in the world like sharing space with a group of open individuals who are seeking to better themselves. Add to that, the magic that happens when you are surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes on the planet and you’re guaranteed to embark on a once in a lifetime odyssey.

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    Hatha Yoga

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    Advanced Breathwork

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    Sound Healing

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    Transcendental Meditation

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    Mastermind conversations in Private Cenotes

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    Thai Massage Therapy

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    Ancient Music and Tribal Rituals

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    Chanting Mantras

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    Tibetan Singing Bowls

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    Shaman healing work

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    And much more….

“Now, the real question is… Are You Ready to Take Action?”

As the saying goes, “the first step is always the hardest!”
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