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Become a coach

To Change or evovle into a new form.
learn the skill of helping others learn effectively


We are proud to say that our life coaching certification programs are the most comprehensive life coach trainings available today!

Anyone who has ever wanted to become a life coach, and anyone who has worked as a life coach or trainer will tell you that just because you are a great life coach or trainer, it doesn’t guarantee you will always have a steady flow of clients looking to hire you. And most life coach trainings and certifications are good at teaching you how to help your clients but they don’t teach you how to build and operate a thriving business.

We do.

Our members receive the following benefits

The Ideal You® Training
NLP Training
Hypnosis Training
Business Development
Business Coaching
Branding & Marketing
Publicity & Media Placement
On-going Training and Support

Are you a life coach or hypnotherapist?

Or have you ever dreamt of becoming a life coach but weren’t certain which training was best or what steps to take first?

That’s exactly why we have created the Coaching Alliance™ Life Coach Training Program.
Our life coach training is the most comprehensive life coaching certification available today!

Why You Should Choose the Coaching Alliance™ Life Coaching Program.

As a certified life coach or hypnotherapist you want to be confident that you can provide your clients with the most effective techniques to produce the greatest results; and fast!  Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is the most powerful method you can learn to enhance your own skillset and performance.  And then rapidly teach others to do the same.   

Brett Baughman, Voted #1 Life Coach in Las Vegas, Your Coach and NLP Trainer When Brett Baughman discovered NLP he was searching for a method to duplicate his teachings. He wanted to be sure that his clients were not only being coached but that they are actually integrating the learnings into their psychology and behaviors.  It worked!  And ever since, NLP and Hypnosis have been the foundation of Brett’s life coach trainings and techniques.  (Learn more about Brett here).   

After spending more than $100,000 on his education and research into the best methods for life coaching and behavioral change, Brett began to notice an overlap in information and a gap in the necessary tools needed to handle advanced client issues.  So, he developed his own life coaching technique called The Ideal You™.  He has since trademarked his process and as a life coach with the Coaching Alliance™, he will teach you how to effectively use it to get extraordinary results in your life and the lives of your clients. 



Why We Are the Best Life Coach Training Available

What you will find: If you have done any research into the available programs for life coach training, life coaching certifications, nlp training or hypnosis training you will quickly find that most programs offer the same training, just with a different NLP trainer. Most of them will train you on the basic principles of NLP and certify you as an NLP Practitioner. Some will also offer to train and certify you in Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis. Some of the training programs are in person and many are done online or partially online. The majority of NLP life coaching certifications are conducted during a 7 day intensive workshop. The average cost of an NLP Certification Training is between $2,000 – $5,000 (US) depending on the popularity of the training and the teacher.

What you won’t find anywhere else: is an NLP Life Coaching Certification that teaches and certifies you on the best methods for helping your clients AND also teaches you how to run a successful life coaching business that profits!

We do!

Brett lives by the mantra

Extraordinary is Only a Thought Away!


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