What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

And how does it work?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a methodology and set of skills that are used to help you understand how you uniquely operate as an individual. These skills uncover your personal thinking, behaviors and communication to provide you with tools to enhance your performance and remove unwanted behaviors and thinking.

Let’s start by breaking down the meaning of NLP by showing what we mean by the words neuro, linguistic, and programming:

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Refers to the mind or brain, particularly regarding how states of mind (and body) affect communication and behavior. NLP teaches you how to recognize the specific patterns you use when approaching a problem or how to execute behaviors in your life. For example: Each of us has our own unique perception of the world. We all have different values and beliefs and depending on what’s important to you and what you believe about the subject in question, you will behave and feel a certain way. In most cases, we find that we are not behaving or thinking a manner that is healthy for us or our future. NLP is used to detect the pattern and help you and your coach to determine what specific part of the pattern is unhealthy or breaking down.


Meaning the communication that we use; both internally with ourselves and externally with others. Most of us think of communication as the words we say but that is the smallest part of communication. In addition, before you even speak a word, there is a lot more communication that happens inside your head; you run through a myriad of filters and decisions based on your personal values and beliefs that then tell you how, what and when to say something. When you understand how this process works, you become a master at communication and you are able to quickly improve your overall outlook on life and understand what you need to do right now to achieve your goals; let go of a negative unwanted state such as anger or fear and move to a state of action, motivation and inspiration. And even better, you are able to communicate with others in a highly effective manner; you learn how to ask for the help you need; you are able to understand what others are really saying or need when they can’t; and you are able to help others to improve their communication.


This refers to the capacity to change our mind and body states. Simply put, you can reprogram your mind and attitude to work for you! Think about it; when you worry or stress over something you continuously enforce the problem and belief by thinking about it all the time. You keep running failed scenarios in your mind and telling yourself “I can’t or I’m not good enough” And that becomes your reality. With NLP, we use this ability to our benefit. We learn what you truly want that is healthy and beneficial to you and we teach you how to start thinking and behaving that way! And it happens fast.



How does NLP work in real life?

During conversations, most of us fixate on words. What does this person mean and what shall I say in return? It’s been long established that words are the least meaningful aspect of communication, conveying just 7% of meaning (Mehrabian, 1972).

For example, when someone tells you that everything is fine, but their voice is flat and their facial expression looks like they just ate rotten eggs…it’s obvious something wrong. Their words said YES, but the non-verbal communication – (which is the other 93% of communication) – is saying I’M NOT FINE BUT I DON’T WANT TO TELL YOU.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches you how to understand, recognize and utilize the other 93% of communication to your benefit. NLP is a system of tools designed to help you, objectively master non-verbal communication and learn to change or reprogram your thinking and behaviors to suit your goals.

“The most important communication is not between people but within yourself!”

I have studied every methodology under the sun that relates to human behavior, psychology and communication and NLP is hands down the most powerful tool to create rapid, dramatic change.

I like to think of it like your operating manual. Once I work with you and show you the tools, you will always know how to update, enhance or change any wanted and unwanted behaviors; making life a more exciting journey of growth rather than pain.

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