Thank you for visiting my website.  I have designed this blog to act as a living journal, as well as, a space where we can share ideas and strategies to create success in our lives.  Being a professional life coach and business coach for almost two decades, I have learned the importance of teamwork; the value of a mastermind group; how to create empowered communities of like minded individuals; what it means to act with integrity; the power of innovation; strategies for success and much more. I look forward to connecting with you and discovering how we can assist each other to become The Ideal You®!

“Remember, extraordinary is only a thought away …”

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Why Life Coaching Works!

Is life coaching right for me?  That is a question I get asked almost every week.  And I can tell you with confidence that my answer is always the same; Yes!  And here's why. When you work with a life coach or business coach you are opening your mind to new ways of thinking and new perspectives that you wouldn't have on your own. Often times we run into problems that leave us stuck and feeling out of options.  A life coach will work with you to unlock your potential and help you elevate your thinking and problem solving skills.  Through specific techniques you will learn how to remove negative emotions that weigh you down and effect your results. You will discover how to replace limiting thinking with innovation and creativity.  And the overall quality of your life will improve; rapidly!


When you are seeking help to change your life it is important to understand how and what the process will do for you.  Traditional therapy focuses on helping patients to identify the root cause of the problem but rather than providing you with clear action steps to improve your situation, you are instructed on how to cope with the symptoms.  Too often this leads to patients becoming dependent on therapy while failing to overcome their issue. NLP Life Coaching works with clients to discover 'How' the problem was created and asks 'What' and 'What if' to learn about the structure of the problem and the best methods to remove it.  Instead of focusing on the past, your NLP Life Coach will teach you strategies to improve your results and start creating your future.  The goal is to assist you in developing the successful behaviors and resources necessary to become The Ideal You®.  After a short period of time working with life coach you will be able to produce extraordinary results on your own; time and time again! For more information about Why Life Coaching Works, visit the following links • NLP Life Coaching vs. Traditional therapyCoaching Statistics  
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