#3 Sell Value not Price

April 11, 2019 |

This is where most sales people and businesses fail to grow and work with their ideal clients…

1. Most people only focus on the service they enjoy in their business but you have to start improving in the areas where you have weaknesses, for most people that’s marketing, follow up and being able to identify and create the ideal client.

2. You need to present a visual roadmap of how you are going to help this client solve their problem – you need to have a solid plan for success; not just worry about how much your going to get paid!

3. You MUST produce results! So many times I will meet with business owners, VP of sales, managers and sales people and they’re great at closing deals but they’re horrible at producing results consistently!

This is HUGE!

If you can’t produce the results then you’re not acting with integrity and already failed at the first WMP™. When you embrace these concepts your performance will skyrocket and you will have a steady stream of your ideal clients

If you’re struggling DM me and let’s do a 15 minute strategy call. I will show you my roadmap to success!

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