3 Tips for Setting New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2023 |


New Years Resolutions can be a challenge…
knowing what goals to set or how to structure them can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming.
Let me share three simple tips with you that will make the process more enjoyable and help you see better results this year when creating a Resolutions.
1. First, write down three things you’re grateful for from 2022
2. Determine two new things you’d like to learn this year. What are two skills or changes you can make that would excite and inspire you?
3. What’s the big idea? Come up with a theme or a big idea for your year. For example: improved health and wellness.
Rather than setting, one rigid goal, I want to challenge you to choose a Big Idea – then think of all the ways you can make progress to accomplish that idea.
If your big idea was improved health and wellness, and you could do things like; learn meditation, commit to reading a book for 30 minutes each day, work out three days a week, improve your diet… The possibilities are endless.
if you don’t feel like reading, one month, focus on your meditation. If you can’t meditate, spend some time reading a book. This way you are consistently focused on making progress. I’m not feeling stuck on one goal.
Have fun, setting your resolutions, and most importantly, remember to stick with it. A real key to success is discipline.
Let’s make sure 2023 is your best year yet!
Happy New Year! 🙏🏼🥂