5 Secrets to Obtaining a Strong Immune System

October 19, 2021 |

If you can’t afford costly gym memberships or fancy supplements, don’t worry! Here’re five secrets to obtaining a strong immune system that you can start today.

Now, more than ever, we must be each responsible for our well-being. You could take all the latest and greatest supplements, but they won’t do much if your baseline health habits are subpar. Here are five secrets to obtaining a strong immune system.

Daily Sunshine

You should go outside every day. Ideally, in the morning, but any time you can soak up some sun is still a net positive. Our bodies need sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. As we know, this molecule is essential for a robust immune system. Getting outside is free, and its benefits include the ability to fight off infections and recover from illness faster.

Regular Movement

Whether you enjoy a daily walk or more strenuous exercise several times a week, both of these help you stay healthy. Our bodies release anti-inflammatory compounds and distribute a surge of white blood cells during and after physical exertion. These compounds are beneficial for fighting off diseases and viral infections.

Relieve Stress

Stress weakens how our immune system functions. A crucial part of your daily routine should be finding ways to relieve stress. Journal, hang out with friends, play with your dog or kids, play some video games, work on a project or hobby, clean your house, or go to the gym. Cortisol, the stress hormone, prevents the immune system from functioning in tip-top shape. Relieve stress so that you have a better chance of feeling your best.

Eat Whole Foods

A diet rich in processed foods keeps the immune system from working at its best. Processed foods (added sugar, refined grains, artificial additives and preservatives, and trans fat) have ghastly effects on the body, leading to chronic inflammation and avoidable lifestyle diseases down the road. Whole foods are foods closest to their original form. Things like fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, beans, herbs, and spices are perfect examples of “whole” ingredients. If you enjoy kitchen projects, you can also create herbal or mushroom extractions to harness the power of the nutrients found in nature.

Quality Sleep

Duration and quality of sleep are more secrets to obtaining a strong immune system. When exposed to viruses, those who get poor sleep are more likely to fall ill than those who sleep well. While in slumber, our bodies produce anti-inflammatory compounds (notice the pattern here?) that help us heal during the night. Good rest also enables you to bounce back from an illness faster.

For the most part, staying healthy is a matter of making simple decisions each day to align ourselves with health. Most of these tips are free, and you can do them today.