5 Ways to Become a Better Leader in the Age of Disruptive Technology

December 9, 2019 |

Technology is continuing to evolve all around us. We say this as an umbrella statement for the things that we see and hear undergoing changes, but how exactly is the world as we know it evolving? More importantly, how do we transform with it? A Forbes Technology Council post predicts that the medical, financial, and legal services, customer service, and education industries are likely to be disrupted by technology in the near future, through innovations like artificial intelligence in diagnostics, intelligent chatbots, machine learning, blockchain, and the like.

Industries and companies that have successfully adapted to modern technology have been widely recognized. Maryville University notes how Apple has distinguished schools for technological leadership, with schools in over 34 countries receiving distinction for sustaining an innovative learning and teaching environment. Wildflower Health is another company that has gained distinction for its disruptive services, having won UCSF Digital Health Awards’ FemTech category for their personalization of women’s healthcare through offering a singular digital user experience.

Being an effective leader is just as important in this new age, and growing alongside disruptive technology may be the best way to do just that. Here’s how:

Thirst for knowledge

In the age of disruptive technology, more things are changing than we may be able to keep track of. An effective leader takes the initiative to get to the bottom of what it’s all about, and thinks about how to adapt it into their team’s work. Reading and researching trends, being hyperaware, maintaining curiosity, and asking the right questions will equip you gain and maintain the knowledge you will need to lead your own team or company, advises entrepreneur Hafiz Muhammad Ali.

Adapt and take risks

Don’t think that you will make progress by just resting on your laurels. Resistance to change stunts growth. Effective leaders must push the limits of things that they never thought they were capable of at a time where expectations are at an all-time high. With industries becoming more competitive, leaders must get creative in their thinking and execution of ideas.

Make informed decisions

The DBT Center, and the HR Consultancy metaBeratung conducted surveys with digital CEOs and leaders about key competencies for an agile leader, and the ability to make informed decisions was one of the key behaviors. Effective leaders must be able to identify trends, whether they be in big data, automation, or anything else fit for their company. He or she should know how to interpret this information and make decisions for the company based on sufficient comprehension of how they will best benefit.

Communicate effectively

CEO of Mediavest agency Rachel Forde emphasizes the importance of forming a team you will learn from. Many companies today forego hierarchal models and top-down forms of leadership. In approaching leadership more democratically, you’ll be able to understand your team members’ unique abilities. An effective leader uses this diversity as an edge in his or her company. When members realize their value-added to the team, it fosters a sense of transparency and more seamless communication in knowing they each have a voice.

Be a visionary

Effective leaders place great emphasis not just on surviving, but thriving. Although many things today are uncertain, the best leaders have the ability to think ahead and set a clear vision that the rest of the team can work towards achieving. Insights from the World Economic Forum illustrate the importance of leaders understanding that technology is a revolutionary force, and aspiring to have their company leading the pack or contributing to it.

Oftentimes, becoming a great leader is about changing your mindset and creating good habits, as has been discussed on the blog before. At the heart of this digital revolution, let’s not forget that we are still in control of innovation. Technology is but a tool to use to complement our agenda. This is the time of reckoning for digital leaders. Don’t get left behind!


Specially written for BrettBaughman.com

By: Lena Kiara