Are You Successful?

May 10, 2017 |

Unfortunately, most of us spend our days stressed out and working hard just to keep up OR we micro manage ourselves to strictly that we don’t recognize when we have actually grown or accomplished a new level of success with an area of our lives. So today, I challenge you to do two things:

1.  Sit down for 10 minutes today and figure out 2 behaviors in your life that you have improved in the last month.  They don’t have to be major and they don’t even have to be your priorities but they should be items that you can clearly notice that you have changed for the better

2.  Get Clear on what you really want!  We all have so many things we want to achieve in our lives.  I’m sure many of you want a new car or a new home.  Most people want better health and to be in better shape.  More money is always nice and so is a better relationship, right? These are common wants and they make sense.  But this is where the problem lies…if you continue to look everything you want and not focus on what you want ‘right now’ and what will make the biggest impact ‘right now’ then it becomes more difficult to achieve.

Whether you are seeking to remove a problem from your life or you are excited about pursuing a new dream, you have to get specific and you have to get real!

“Becoming ‘detail oriented’ and specific about yourself and your performance is the key to developing the right plan for your future!”

So if you aren’t driving your dream car or you aren’t living in your dream home AND especially if you haven’t had a taste of success yet….then you need to improve your process; improve your thinking and seek help to grow in the areas where you aren’t a master yet!

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Brett Baughman has been Voted #1 Business Coach and Life Coach in Las Vegas – 2015 & 2016