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March 24, 2021 |

Hey everybody,
One of the main things on our mind these days is health and cleanliness.  Everywhere you go we are mandated to wear masks and there are signs reminding us to wash our hands and stay safe…
Unfortunately all of the hand sanitizers and soaps out there have a lot of alcohol and other chemicals in them to dry your hands out and smell bad.  I don’t know about you, but I hate when I put hand sanitizer or lotion on my hands and it makes them feel greasy so I don’t wanna touch anything else especially if I end up smelling like alcohol and it dries my skin.  One of my clients just launched an outstanding new product called SaniMoist.
It’s an incredible hand sanitizer with an amazing moisturizing cream built-in… This stuff feels like the lotion you get at a five-star resort and spa. Plus… Even better, it smells out of this world.  My favorite scent is the lavender! But there are several for you to choose from…
Special offer: Right now, my client is running an amazing special offer an Amazon or you can try this great new product from the $.99.  Go to this address and get your samples today:
When you go to Amazon and purchase your sample pack today, trial the product for a couple days and then go back to Amazon and leave a review. After you leave your review, come back and send me a DM or an email and give me a screenshot or a link to your review. Everyone who purchased the product and laser review will be entered into my April contest to win a free week of life and business coaching with me worth $1000. I will be choosing the winner on May 1
Be sure to go pick up your product today and leave a review… Hopefully we get a chance to work together soon and make sure the 2021 is your best year yet 🙏🏼❤️