Delete the Internet? Here’s what Aziz Ansari says…

August 5, 2017 |


You should stop and read this article today. You’re brain will thank you & your stress levels.

It’s true, for most of us, we use social media to feel like we aren’t missing out or to stay current on what’s happening and trends, but if you step back for a moment and look at your behaviors online and with social media, I think you will find that overall, you aren’t gaining an ground on your dreams by scrolling down your Facebook stream every day.

The reality is that most content on social media and most of the ‘things’ you are surfing on the web are usually Gossip, Meme’s, & sensationalized news. Not really benefiting you in the end.

Instead, you end up with a head full of ‘half truth’s’ or misinformation. And you leave frustrated because you aren’t at the cool music festival this weekend with your friends or you are now upset about a new problem someone has ranted about on their page.

Also, when is the last time you searched for something that was going to feed your soul? A good book or class or maybe a trip you could take and get outdoors or experience a new culture?

I believe that social media and the internet are powerful tools and they can benefit our lives greatly. But it’s vital that you take a moment to make sure that you are using them for the right reasons such as to educate yourself; to connect with loved ones; and to create, explore and be curious…but, as a society we struggle to communicate what we need and really feel and for the vast majority, we have problems believing in ourselves and defining who or what we want to become.

I wrote an article for Forbes last year on how technology is shaping your future.  It shares some ideas on how to improve what you get and how to notice what you might be getting that you don’t want!

Read My article here:

So, as you approach or continue to use the internet, be sure it’s providing you with the positive attributes you desire…otherwise you might want to sign off!

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