Delicious Ways To Use Your Protein Powder

June 27, 2022 |

When you have leftover protein and want to try something new with it, there are many delicious recipes that can give you the energy you need.

Protein powder is excellent. It gives you an extra boost of nutrients, and few things feel better after a strenuous workout. However, sometimes you get sick of mixing it into a typical drink and want to try something a little more exciting. Fortunately, there are several delicious ways to use your protein powder while still living the healthy, active lifestyle you’re striving for.

Protein Pancakes

Incorporating protein powder into your pancake mix is a great way to get some extra protein while you load up on carbohydrates for the day ahead. The protein blends into the mix and creates delicious and fluffy pancakes. You can give your pancakes an extra kick if you have flavored protein powder, like pumpkin or banana.

Protein Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a quality side dish, but sometimes you want more than the carbs found in this tasty side. Mixing in some protein powder is a great way to make it extra delicious. It’s a good idea not to add too much to avoid creating a peculiar aftertaste in your potatoes, but it’s an excellent way to get more energy and nutrients from your dinner.

Breakfast Smoothies

Some people like to start the day with a cup of coffee or a nice fruit smoothie. These drinks are fine vessels for your protein and offer a healthy kickstart to any morning. Use a good mix of fruits and whey in your breakfast smoothie to load up on vitamins and minerals.

Salad Dressing

You probably eat a lot of salads if you eat healthily. Plain lettuce is a little bland, and many dressings on the market contain unnecessary sodium and calories you want to avoid. A tremendous homemade dressing made of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper adds a bit more flavor to your greens, and a teaspoon of protein powder gives you some extra nutrients without adding more ingredients.