Effective Ways To Make Your Business More Accessible

November 16, 2022 |

There are effective ways to make your business more accessible. We’ll discuss some great ideas in this guide. Don’t miss these suggestions for your company.

Inclusivity ensures that your business accommodates various visitors. Accommodating those with disabilities is a major step toward accessibility. Read these effective ways to make your business more accessible and consider making changes to your company!

Allow Service Animals in the Facility

Did you know that there are 500,000 active service dogs helping people in the United States? Service animals assist people with disabilities. From carrying objects to alerting individuals to oncoming medical emergencies, service animals provide valuable support to their owners. Allow service animals in your business to accommodate people’s needs.

Create Easy Parking and Entry Access

Accessible parking spaces are essential to every establishment. Designate accessible parking spots, and ensure that they’re close to entrances. Make sure the doors to your building accommodate various people. Narrow doorways prevent wheelchair users from entering the building. Ensure equal access with wide doors. Additionally, consider automatic door openers to further assist people with disabilities.

Add an Accessible Bus Stop Shelter

Aside from a good parking lot, you need a good bus stop shelter. This helps commuters with disabilities access your business too. To design an accessible bus stop shelter, start with a barrier-free model that lets people access the shelter unimpeded. Incorporate a wayfinding element (maps and signs) as a guide. The maps and signs can include braille to help people with visual impairments.

Train a Conscious and Responsive Staff

Training a conscious and responsive staff is a great way to make your business more accessible. Helpful and compassionate employees create a safe environment for people with disabilities. They can assist customers and ensure functional features are beneficial to the workplace. For example, ensuring that wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are always available accommodates those with disabilities.

Be Open to Additional Suggestions

Companies committed to accessibility listen to suggestions from people with disabilities. They understand challenges and can offer additional ways to become more accessible. Feedback lets you make appropriate changes to accommodate those with disabilities. For additional help, speak with an ADA representative for suggestions on things to implement.