Fun Small-Town Activities To Do with Friends

November 1, 2021 |

Just because you’re visiting a small town doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Take a look at some fun small-town activities to do with friends.

Perhaps you have some time off to visit out-of-town friends or make a last-minute trip to see the nightlife; small towns have a lot to offer. When people visit a small village, they often assume that it’s less exciting, has little to do, and mainly consists of senior citizens.

However, that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Small towns are surprisingly full of life and provide an intimate living experience. Everyone knows one another, and they naturally understand the area like the back of their hands. So, here are some fun small-town activities to do with friends.

Visit the Local Night Scene

There’s a chance you are visiting a friend in their city, and it happens to consist of a smaller population. After learning a bit about where they live, they offer to take you out for the night to visit a few restaurants and bars. Luckily, like any other town, the small-town nightlife is entertaining.

Before you decide to go out, be sure to choose the right person as a designated driver just in case. With everything being relatively local, it shouldn’t cause any problems. After establishing a game plan, enjoy the bar and restaurant scene with your friends.

Enjoy the Hiking Area

If going out to the bar isn’t your preference, consider enjoying the nature around you. Ask your friend if there are local hiking trails nearby that you can explore. From there, you and your friends can go and enjoy the beautiful views and horizons during your hike.

Make sure you’re prepared ahead of time with hiking boots and protective gear, just in case of any mishaps. You don’t want to become stuck or have your party slow down due to an accident. Otherwise, you’ll get the opportunity to create fun memories while exploring the wildlife in the area.

Shop the Local Shops

Some small towns have something special to make themselves stand out. One of the most fun small-town activities to do with friends is visiting the local shops and bringing home souvenirs.  You’ll fall in love with the town’s charm and want to bring something home to remember it by.

So, take the day to go shopping and have lunch at a local coffee shop or lunch spot. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends while becoming familiar with the area.

Small towns bring a lot of charm and are hidden gems in between large cities. So, take advantage and visit one during your downtime. You may be pleasantly surprised by what it can offer.