How To Get Over the Fear of Cold Calling

June 24, 2022 |

Learn how to get over the fear of cold calling to take your career to the next level, bypassing the negativity you may feel when picking up the phone.

In today’s culture, the concept of a phone call can scare anyone silly. Text messaging and e-mails have transferred our communication skills from our mouths to our fingers. That’s one reason why the concept of cold calling frightens new salespeople. Knowing how to get over the fear of cold calling can separate you from the pack and help you become an elite salesperson for years to come.

Embrace the Struggle

The fear of the unknown can stop anyone in their tracks, and cold calling falls under the unknown umbrella. The best way to not let it paralyze you is to embrace it. Know that it will be awkward at first, but use it as an opportunity to improve your technique.

You can find out what works and what doesn’t, or you could mix up your style for your entertainment. Regardless of how you get there, embrace the job that gives others pause.

Form a Game Plan

Develop an introductory statement and a strategy for what you will address. A whole script may seem clunky, so consider a bullet-point summary of crucial topics instead. This allows you to convey information without forgetting what to talk about next, enabling you to concentrate on being genuine and engaging. The last thing you want to do is seem robotic while on the phone. A monotone voice can cause your prospective client to hang up before you finish your pitch.

Know Your Client

Cold calling has a poor reputation, almost entirely due to callers who haven’t done their research. Before you even dial the number, it’s vital to consider who you’re calling and what you hope to accomplish.

Make sure you have the correct name of the person and you pronounce it correctly. Go on LinkedIn and confirm you are talking to the main person in charge. A successful sale requires dedication, patience, and time, so the more you prepare before a call, the less you’ll have to fear when your prospective client picks answers.

Elevator Pitch on a Voicemail

Most of your calls inevitably go straight to voicemail. As annoying as this might seem, providing a positive voicemail message can get you a callback or a pick-up the next time you give them a ring. Keep it brief and crisp to increase the likelihood that the whole message will be heard, and don’t forget to slowly restate your full name, company, and phone number at the end of the message.

Always Be Polite

You can lose yourself while cold calling if you only focus on your main objective and don’t consider the other person on the line. However, it’s critical always to remain courteous to whomever picks up the phone. You don’t want to blow your opportunity because you were short and stiff with the gatekeeper. Therefore, mind your manners, say your “please” and your “thank yous,” and keep a cheerful demeanor.

Overcoming the fear of cold calling isn’t going to happen overnight. But the small improvements you make each day will pay dividends as you delve deeper down the list of calls you have to make. Before you know it, picking up the phone will become second nature.