How To Optimize a Workplace for Productivity

March 23, 2022 |

As businesses return to some form of office life, employers and managers want to ensure productivity. Here are four tips to optimize workplace productivity.

Businesses are always evolving, and one major evolution in business has come due to the pandemic. Offices that were once full of people have embraced remote and hybrid options in order to remain safe and productive. But is your workplace truly providing a productive space? This is how to optimize a workplace for productivity so everyone can reach their goals.

Prioritize Productive Meetings

Almost everyone has sat in a meeting that could have been an email. Unproductive meetings waste everyone’s time. Make sure to only schedule meetings with specific goals that require face-to-face communication. These interactions improve communication and boost morale, but those should only be occasional goals, not the point of frequent meetings.

This is true even for remote or hybrid offices. Schedule town-hall-style meetings for remote employees to feel connected. If you have a hybrid workplace, make sure you optimize your meeting room for video calls. This can include upgraded conference room technology, better sound control, and comfortable chairs, so remote employees feel connected to the office, and office employees can fully engage with their remote co-workers.

Encourage Breaks

People will burn themselves out if they feel pressure from managers to constantly work and multi-task. Encouraging breaks, including physical breaks to stretch or walk outside, will help employees recharge and return to their desks refreshed. This will also provide a chance to recognize and reward employees. If everyone is on a 15-minute break, you can take a few moments to congratulate someone for a job well done or announce a free coffee order to thank team members for meeting an early deadline. Schedule these breaks in 90-minute cycles to optimize productivity.

Limit Distractions

Noisy co-workers, barking dogs, and more can easily distract remote and office employees. Providing proper equipment, such as noise-canceling headphones, can cancel out these distractions and help workers be more productive. Taking regular breaks will also limit distractions, as employees can use their personal phones or let the dog out during these times instead of getting distracted while working.

Promote Time Efficiency

Instead of looking at a to-do list and having no idea how long certain jobs will take or wondering why your business is missing deadlines and realistic goals, promote time efficiency. Have employees track how long it takes to complete certain tasks or invest in time-tracking software. Once people know the length of time a task will take, they can schedule their day for more productivity, and businesses can explore how to use time more efficiently.

Productive meetings, scheduled breaks, limited distractions, and better time efficiency will all help your workplace be more productive. Knowing how to optimize a workplace for productivity will allow your business to grow and your employees to thrive.