How To Plan a Successful Business Trip on Any Budget

September 27, 2021 |

Find out how to plan a successful business trip on any budget. Invite your employees on an unforgettable trip they’ll talk about for years to come.

Inviting your team on a trip can bring them together or tear them apart. Knowing how to plan a successful business trip on any budget is key to ensuring it becomes a timeless tradition. Your company will be one of the best places to work when your employees get to grow and develop in a new environment. Find out how to have a triumphant trip.

Make Plans for the Off-Season

Working with a business travel budget is the same as a personal one. The benefits of taking your team to a destination during the off-season extend beyond money savings. You may also avoid heavy crowds, which may make it easier for your group to stay together—such as when getting group tables at restaurants.

Book Travel During Weekdays

Flying on the weekends is expensive because airlines know you’ll pay the price if you must. If your employees can leave mid-week, plan to have the trip begin on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The benefits of mid-week travel extend beyond the savings as well. Lines at TSA are often shorter, so you can get to your gate faster.


Hotel rates are also cheaper when you stay in the middle of the week. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with hotel owners and managers for better rates when you’re bringing in a large group.

Find Package Deals

Search for hotels that include everything you need for your business trip. For instance, if you need conference room space in addition to rooms for your staff, find a hotel that offers corporate rates so you can afford both. Further, consider hotels that offer dining. They might offer a special rate if you want to have a big meal with your whole team.

Arrange Transportation

Especially if your team is traveling by plane, they will need travel accommodations to get them around the town or city they’re visiting. Depending on the size of your group, you might choose one of several options:

  • Rent cars for your employees
  • Give your employees rideshare vouchers
  • Hire a chauffeur to take your team to their destinations


If you hire a private car service, make sure you know how many people can fit in a limo, so you have enough space for everyone!

Create an Itinerary

Employees need to know what to do when they’re going on a business trip. While you might not plan every moment of their days, try to mix in a handful of required and suggested activities for each day. Required activities should help everyone bond and learn more about the company and their roles, while suggest activities may be fun things employees can do in their spare time.

Whether you take your team to an exciting new city or a relaxing nature retreat, knowing how to plan a successful business trip on any budget is essential. Plan your trip at the right time of year and on weekdays to save money. It’s also smart to find package deals that fit within your budget. Regardless of how much you spend, your employees will have a good time if you find the right accommodations in a location with activities to fulfill everyone.