How To Reignite Your Passion for Cycling

May 5, 2022 |

Losing your passion for something you once loved can feel disheartening, but it’s not gone forever; this is how to reignite your passion for cycling.

Life throws all kinds of curveballs your way, and sometimes, it’s hard to dodge each one. Unfortunately, a beloved hobby can lose its meaning over time. It’s more than disappointing to look back to when you found such joy in something that you no longer have. But you can discover the excitement once again; this is how to reignite your passion for cycling.

Start Small

At the height of your enthusiasm, you likely cycled for hours at a time, spanning miles and miles of road. In those moments, you felt limitless, and of course, you want to be right back there. Know that this is more than possible, but you need to start slowly to re-familiarize your body and mind. Start by getting on your bike and cycling until you don’t want to anymore.

If that means you go for five minutes or an hour, that’s fine; let it be what it is. Don’t push yourself to hit what you have in the past because you might burn out your brain and body.

Check Your Gear

Before you learn how to reignite your passion for cycling, you must ensure your saddle, helmet, tires, cleats, and gloves are still safe to use. Your bike and appliances have been gathering dust in the garage, so double-check that nothing has deteriorated. It’s also essential to keep in mind that you may need to adjust your saddle if you have experienced weight changes.

Change Expectations

In the past, you also probably hit the road five to maybe seven times a week. Don’t try to hit this consistency as you start back up again. You will need to change your expectations of regularity and maybe have none. It may seem frustrating to do this, but try to keep in mind that your body and mind have become fried, and if you try to hit some arbitrary goal instead of focusing on the joy of the ride, you may lose it altogether. If you cycle for one day in the week, that’s great. It’s better than not cycling at all.