How To Stay Motivated on Long Work Shifts

August 13, 2022 |

Are you scheduled for a dreaded long work shift? Learn how to stay motivated and the benefits of taking care of yourself during intense work days.

Long work shifts might bring in extra cash, but it comes with a price. No matter the type of job you occupy, extended work hours take a toll on your body and mental wellness. However, the right mindset can supply you with the fortitude to carry on without wearing out or compromising your performance. Whether you spend most of your shift on your feet or at a desk, a motivated mind makes time fly and keeps things on the bright side. Consider these three tips on how to stay motivated on long work shifts and improve your experience.

Find Ways To Maximize Comfort

Maximizing comfort helps your mental and physical wellness while working. Wearing comfortable footwear is one way to stop your feet from hurting at workDressing in comfortable attire makes you feel more confident and optimizes your mobility. Finding comfort in your surroundings keeps you happy and can help motivate you to complete all the tasks on your daily checklist. Even simply getting plenty of sleep the night before also maximizes your comfort level while on the job. The more at ease you feel, the less mental and physical strain you endure.

Reward Small Accomplishments

It’s human nature to seek rewards. Getting prizes and positive feedback makes people feel seen, worthy, and confident. Rewarding and acknowledging your small accomplishments on a long work day keeps you motivated to achieve more and makes you feel like you aren’t wasting time. It also boosts serotonin, making your shift more enjoyable. There are many ways to award yourself for your small feats, from buying yourself your favorite coffee or tea to taking periodic breaks. Being proud of yourself and acknowledging your strengths and hard work—no matter how small—builds a better relationship with yourself, strengthening your mental wellness and boosting your work ethic.

Build Strong Work Relationships

Friends brighten every situation. They give you company and know how to make you smile. Working with friends makes those long shifts a drastically different experience compared to doing it alone. Plus, work tends to get done faster with two on the job. Strong work relationships don’t just make your work days more enjoyable—they also improve your performance. A healthy work support system encourages you to strive further, helps you with any questions or job queries, and motivates you throughout your shift.

Implementing and finding different ways to motivate yourself on a long work shift or intense work day provides countless benefits. It makes those dragged-out hours feel less of a burden, keeps your mind happy and healthy, and improves your work performance. On top of keeping you sane and healthy, it helps you strengthen your work ethic, enhancing both your career and personal wellness.