How To Transition Your Business to Fully Remote

January 11, 2022 |

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, fully remote work is here to stay. This is your guide on how to transition your business to fully remote.

Now that we’re in the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has gone from being a curious novelty to the future of work for millions of people. To stay competitive during these strange times, your business may need to work fully remotely. Here is your guide on how to transition your business to fully remote work.

Communicate With Your Staff About Key Changes

Going from in-person business to remote work is a big transition for your employees, so you need to communicate with them regularly on all the significant changes that will take place. First, be transparent about what’s going on and what you expect from your employees.

You need to articulate how you’ll track productivity, whether schedules will stay the same, and what the new guidelines are for this type of work. Once your staff receives clarification on these routine procedures, it should alleviate some uncertainty that they might have about the transition.

Digitize All Your Important Documents

Office work requires lots of folders, files, and paper documents, but remote work means that no one will have access to this information unless it’s online. High-quality document scanning helps your business because it makes these documents easily accessible to everyone who needs to see them. This makes them easier to share and eliminates the need for loads of office clutter.

Invest in the Proper Tools for Your Employees To Succeed

As you transition your business, you can’t expect your employees to work at maximum capacity with their personal laptops or smartphones. Depending on what your needs are, you may want to outright purchase everything for your remote workers or offer a stipend for your employees to use toward purchasing remote work equipment. Although it might seem pricey to give everyone a company laptop, the value that it will bring to your business will outweigh any up-front costs associated with this decision.

Overall, remote work is rapidly reshaping our entire economy, so naturally, there may be some growing pains along the way. However, now that you know how to transition your business to fully remote work, you have the knowledge to succeed in this era.