How Your Office Design Impacts Productivity

August 1, 2022 |

Businesses with inefficient workspaces are doing a disservice to themselves and their clients. Learn how your office design impacts productivity.

There are so many ways to improve workplace productivity. Offering benefits, embracing technology, going green—all of these programs incentivize employees to put their best foot forward. However, there’s another aspect that many don’t consider when optimizing their offices—layout.

You’re missing an incredible opportunity if you don’t know how your office design impacts productivity. Improving your workspace will give you a competitive advantage while producing high-quality work.

Improved Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the “human factor” that affects the workplace. You can’t expect your staff to perform at their best if they are working in an uncomfortable environment. As a leader, you can use your office design to improve ergonomics.

Build desk setups with comfort in mind. Bring in ergonomic tools like foot rests, laptop raisers, and wrist supports for better performance. Reduce noise pollution and install soft lighting to minimize distractions and create better working conditions.

Increased Efficiency

If you’re looking for a way to increase efficiency, you should consider your office layout. Your space should work for you, not against you. Take some time to optimize the workplace by making a more efficient design.

Employees shouldn’t have to hike to printers, fax machines, and other essential equipment to do their jobs. Rearrange your office so that high-use departments and processes are easier to access. You can also implement new technologies for faster turnover and more accurate productivity tracking.

Better Employee Health

Did you know that your office design impacts productivity by increasing your employees’ well-being? The way you set up your layout can have a huge influence on everyone’s health. Poor ventilation, lousy lighting, and cramped space make it harder for people to live healthy lives.

Switch out your old HVAC system with a new and improved model. Add more windows to increase natural lighting and expose staff to more vitamin D. You could also build an office gym or other exercise space to encourage people to get their hearts pumping.

Enhanced Engagement

People want to work for businesses that prioritize them. The more cared-for they feel, the more likely they are to work efficiently. Using your office design to improve productivity will lead to enhanced employee engagement.

You can design a workspace using wood to create personalized workstations for your employees. Adding accessible conference areas will encourage collaboration between departments. Flexible offices reduce feelings of micromanagement and increase appreciation, allowing staff to dive deeply into their work.

If you want to see progress in your business, you need to take every chance to improve your practices. Optimizing your office will lead to better performances and put you a step above the competition.