I ❤️ Thailand

December 22, 2019 |

How much do I love Thailand you ask? Well, let me answer your question with a short impromptu video of me dancing in the middle of the street on Khaosan Road in Bangkok, which is considered their 5th Ave.
This was my last day in Thailand; it was actually the last hour before I had to get to the airport and hop on my flight to Dubai. We decided to do a last round of shopping and out of nowhere a marching band started playing and marching down the street.

I had so much fun during this entire trip and my heart and body were overflowing with energy and joy. When I heard the music, I felt like I was possessed by Ellen DeGeneres and it was time to tear up the dance floor…

It was awesome because as soon as I started dancing the marching band invited me to join them. There were cameras from TV crews, tourists with cameras and people all over cheering and laughing and having a blast!

I think I left my mark! I also think they may be searching for who that crazy happy American guy is…lol

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