Improve Your Performance with these Four Easy Steps

July 15, 2019 |

There are many things you can do to improve your performance but there are a couple things that are easy to implement and you will quickly see better results.

Your mindset and your attitude are key!

Whether you want to improve your performance at work, in your relationships or in general, so you have a better outlook on life, these four easy steps will get the job done.

Efficiency and organization.

Don’t let these words scare you! Most of my clients tell me that the biggest problems they have are organizing their work and their life and feeling that they are efficient with their time and investment of their energy. The truth is, being efficient and being organized don’t have to be such a challenging task! The goal is to simplify your life.

It’s vital to learn how to improve your time management and prioritize your tasks to accomplish the things that will produce the greatest results in the least amount of time. This will improve your performance and your attitude. Here’s how to do it

a. Determine which tasks will make the biggest positive impact and do them first! This will generate momentum and create ease with the other tasks or problems you have to solve. Plus you will feel motivated and successful once they are completed and be ready to tackle another project.

b. Avoid working on problems or tasks that pull your focus or present the greatest challenge. These items can derail you and most likely won’t assist you with other items on your list. Save these for last.

c. Seek to complete tasks or problems that you know how to do well and that you have the resources to complete easily. This is called being resourceful. For example; if you need to write an article for your blog and you also need to create a new marketing campaign but you’ve never made a marketing campaign before then you should write the blog article first because it’s something you know how to do and you have the tools to get the job done.

d. Make a list of all the items you want to complete and prioritize them. Figure out the amount of time you believe it will take to do each task so you have an outline to follow and an idea of the appropriate time to set aside. This will help create a sense of urgency and focus.


Everything seems like an uphill battle when you have a bad attitude. And when you use a positive mindset it’s easy to improve your performance and stay focused on the task. Plus, people like to help people who are positive and optimistic. The Quality of your work will equal the quality of your attitude or mindset. So whenever you’re working on a project or trying to solve a problem get into a positive mental state and you will find that it’s easier to face the challenges and the results you will produce will be something you’re much happier with in the end.

I like to think of my mindset as a set of ingredients. If I was going to bake a cake and the ingredients I was going to use are frustration and anger and doubt and anxiety then I’m not gonna be very happy with the end product. But in retrospect, if I’m baking a cake and my ingredients are passion and excitement and a determination and creativity then I’m going to end up with a much higher quality product.

Keep learning 

If you want to improve your performance the best thing you can do is continue to learn! Knowledge is power when it’s implemented and executed correctly. Challenge yourself to continue to learn something new every week. Look at your life and look at your career and ask yourself what you can learn right now that  will help make your life easier and more enriched. When you create a mindset and attitude of wanting to learn you will find that the new resources you gain will apply to every area of your life from your health and fitness to your relationships to your career. Seek out new skills and new knowledge and then apply them! The great news is, as you continue to learn you become better at learning and life begins to gain momentum towards the goals and dreams that you desire.

In addition, when you learn new skills and apply them in your career, your clients, your employees, your managers, and peers will all take note. You will be presented with new opportunities and new challenges that inspire and reward you. 

Communicate effectively

One of the most powerful and important skills that you should improve is your communication. If you want to better your relationships, you should better your communication. If you want to improve your mindset or the way you feel then you need to improve the communication you have internally with yourself. If you want to improve your career or the results you’re getting with your clients and your business you can do it by improving your communication.

Think about it, if you need help in life you have to know how to ask for the right help and you want to be able to show gratitude and thanks for the help you’ve received. Communication is the best way to do that. Effective communication will help you to reduce the amount of stress it takes to accomplish a task and it will help you to become more efficient with finding the right people and resources necessary to reach your goals.

Take some time and evaluate your communication.

Do you find yourself getting frustrated with yourself and others when you’re working on a project or need something?

Do you feel like you have to explain yourself over and over again when you’re talking with your partner are you employees?

Do you feel confident and articulate?

If you answered no, then you will find great value from working on your communication.

One of the lessons that I teach my clients when I’m coaching them or conducting therapy, is to move their thinking and communication from being emotional to being logical. This allows you to be specific about what you want and not get caught up in the way we feel, but instead to be clear about the desired result we want to produce. Knowing what to say and when to say it and what to do and when to do it is a powerful tool! There a lot of great books and videos that can help you to improve these skills.

In addition, you can also work with someone who specializes in performance enhancement such as an NLP life coach. An NLP Life Coach will train you in advanced communication and teach you techniques that will quickly enhance your mindset and communication so you have these weapons to use in your arsenal.

In today’s society, most people find themselves feeling overwhelmed and unhappy. If you want to improve your performance and see better results then challenge yourself to follow these four easy steps and develop a new strategy that allows you to be efficient and organized with a positive mindset, effective communication and new resources that will elevate your game!

Brett Baughman is a Master NLP life and business coach. He’s a best-selling author and the creator of The Ideal You coaching program.

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