“I’ve Never Fired Anyone, but I’ve helped a lot of people find better jobs!”

March 7, 2022 |

As they say, “teamwork makes the dream work!”   But it’s hard to find the right talent.
As an Executive Performance Coach, I have the unique opportunity to observe the recruitment, training and oftentimes shuffle or dismissal of team members when results aren’t what they need to be.
I’d like to share a few valuable tips with you that I’ve gained through the years.  Use them and they’ll help you find your star players that will grow with your business; don’t and you’re leaving it up to lady luck!
Let’s get started –
1. Before you hire any new members to your company, make sure you’re performing at your best.  Check in with yourself and get real.  Are you making good decisions? Are you operating from a place of passion and high performance OR are you desperate and projecting the problems outward blaming it on bad hires and lack of results?  If you’re not on your A game, then how do you expect to know when you’ve got a winner sitting in front of you?
2. Don’t just hire for the position, hire for the potential. I have seen dozens and dozens of mis-hires where an executive is dazzled by the interview a prospect gives and so delighted to be done with the hiring process that they overlook the most important aspect of a good team member – growth potential.
There are a lot of people who interview well but don’t hold up when it comes to earning their keep.  In my opinion, a great hire is someone who can sit down and handle the job you’re looking to fill but even better, they have a vision on how they can grow their role and provide intangible benefits to your organization.  Plus, it typically turns out that ‘seat fillers’ will not be self managers and therefore, you’ll end up with valuable resources being wasted on getting this individual to the level you expected from them.
3. Be patient.  Finding the right players is a game of chess; it’s a long game.   Most business owners and executives are super busy.  They’re overwhelmed or stressed and want to get items moved off their ‘to do’ list.  But moving too fast is not a good strategy.  I can tell you this, I can’t remember the last time someone told me, they wished they’d rushed things more…and in retrospect, every week I hear “I wish I would have slowed down and thought it through better before I made my decision”  So do yourself a favor and set yourself up for long-term success.
4.  If you’re hiring to replace someone who wasn’t hitting their goals then take time to evaluate the position and make sure the next candidate has everything they need to soar!
Is the training you’re providing, developing top performers or are you churning out mid-level players and hoping to get a rockstar?  Are you truly investing in the advancement of your team members? Whose keeping them sharp and focused?  What’s keeping them hungry because the best team members need to be challenged consistently and know that there’s bigger things on the horizon.
Side note: I’m surprised how many companies I consult where the team members have no goals set to drive them.  They forget what they’re working for except to keep their job and their managers have no idea what motivates them.  Big mistake!
5. And last, when it’s time to ‘fire someone’… don’t! Instead, empower them to move to another company, industry or position where they can thrive.  People are your most valuable asset – treat them like it.
Everyone has a family and needs to make money.  Take the time to educate this employee on what they did well and what they didn’t…help them understand where they should set their sites for new opportunities and be a leader that everyone respects.
Karma baby…it’s real and you want it on your side.  Plus, it’s smart business.