Life is What You Make It

November 5, 2020 |

Life is truly what you make it. We are all given a unique set of challenges to face and overcome.

What I’ve learned on my journey is that we must learn to let go of needing things to be a certain way or feeling that when things don’t go our way that we are cursed or something is wrong. When many times, patience and persistence will lead you to a brighter future unknown to you now.

We have entered a time in history where fear, hate and uncertainty are more prevalent than ever…so it’s more vital now that we learn how to live our lives with passion and purpose and the ability to recognize when we need to step back or have faith.

This is a wonderful video that each of you should watch.

It talks about how important and powerful our mindset is. There’s scientific proof that what we think about our self and our health and our stress and the world clearly affects the results we produce each day.

This woman talks about two groups of people in the hospital all getting the same amount of morphine. Half of the subjects didn’t know they were getting and due to that fact, they didn’t even feel any effects.

From morphine! That’s unreal!!

She talks about a group of women who all do housekeeping for hotels and who are on their feet 8 to 12 hours a day constantly working and doing physical labor but to them they don’t see it as exercise so they weren’t getting the benefits until someone reframed their thinking and said “You’re exercising all day every day and getting more exercise than the surgeon general requires you need daily, you should be experiencing great benefits” and immediately they started seeing a drop in their weight and an improvement in their overall health

The point is, what you tell yourself about the world and the challenges you face make a dramatic difference in what you experience and how you feel.

Let’s work together become smarter and stronger so we can build a brighter tomorrow!

I hope this helps everyone to find more health and happiness!