Live Life…Take Risks!

September 23, 2021 |

I’m excited to announce that I started Taekwondo training yesterday.

I have always wanted to learn taekwondo and throughout the years I have taught myself a little and learned some of the moves and lingo through different fitness and workout practices that I’ve done such as P90X. But it was awesome to actually put on the robe and start training for real.

After my first session last night a gentleman who was watching us train came over to me and said, “ this isn’t your first rodeo is it?“.

at first I laughed a little and I wasn’t sure what he meant and so I said, “what do you mean?“

He replied, “ I am a fourth-degree black belt in judo and a third-degree black belt in taekwondo. I have my own studio here in town and I have trained students for more than 20 years and competed around the world for the same amount of time… And in all my years I’ve never seen anyone hit the mat for the first time and look like you did out there! If you stick with this you were going to be incredible!”

I have to admit that that made me feel pretty darn good LOL. When I’m passionate about something I do my best and give it my all and it was such a nice gift, especially at the beginning of this new practice to get such a nice complement and positive reinforcement from someone who is an expert in this skill set. Just makes me want to work harder…👊🏼💯🦇

So now it’s your turn…! Challenge yourself to take that first step and start doing something did you been telling yourself you wanted to do for a long time… I know you can do it! I believe in you; now all you have to do is believe in yourself!

Have an extraordinary day and best of luck with all you do!

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