August 30, 2020 |

Today is #nationalgriefawarenessday ⁠

We all experience grief in a different way and we all process grief differently.⁠

For some of us, it’s too painful to even think about so we were repress our emotions and try to hide the pain away. For others, we seek outside help to answer the questions that we don’t understand… but the same goes for all of us when it comes to feeling a great loss and an overwhelming sense of confusion as to why this is happened and now, what it means to our lives.⁠

when we lose someone we love for someone that’s close to us, it completely changes your world. Things as you knew it before no longer exist. Many times, it’s hard to even imagine going on or finding a reason to do so…⁠

So today, I’d like to give you some very simple steps you can take to help you through your process of morning. Most importantly, remember this… You have the right to grieve. Take all the time you need and there is no right way! ⁠

but there are a couple things we can do to make sure we’re moving through the stages of grief in a healthy way and processing things so we don’t hurt ourselves more in the long run⁠

1. It’s OK to be grieving. Too often we give ourselves a hard time for feeling satyr depressed. It’s OK. It’s a part of life and you need to let yourself know but it’s OK to feel the way you feel right now⁠
2. Everything you’re feeling is normal. You’re going to have days where you feel very sad or angry. it’s healthy and safe for you to embrace these emotions. Your body is brilliant and it knows what it needs to survive and make it through tough times. ⁠
3. Get outside – nature is very healing and it changes our perspective in the world were typically living in. Many times more depressed, we become stuck – nature has an incredible way of giving us a new perspective and healing your mind body and soul.⁠

I hope these ideas help you. If you need to talk click Linkin.bio and schedule a free consultation. ⁠
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