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Let go of what’s not serving you!

Learning the ways of Sachamama, the Great Serpent 🐍 The serpent is the South Direction of the Medicine Wheel and teaches us to shed our skin and release old thinking and behaviors that aren’t serving us anymore… What are you holding onto that hurting you? What old stories are you telling yourself? You’re not good…

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Catch my latest interview on The Perfect RIA Podcast

How do you get to your highest potential, or close to it? Catch my latest interview on The Perfect RIA Podcast On this What Works Wednesday episode, Matt Jarvis and I discuss the importance of a morning routine that will help you to perform at your peak level. We chat about a lot of great…

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How To Encourage Personal Growth in Your Employees

Creating opportunities for personal development in your employees is a great way to grow your company. Here’s how to create these opportunities. Encouraging personal development among your employees is a stellar way to grow your business. This is because the healthier, happier, and more fulfilled your employees are, the better their performance will be. This…

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