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Free Registration for my Inspirational Breathwork Journey

“Wow that was not want I expected! It was much more powerful and I can’t believe how at peace I feel!” “I’ve never felt that connected to spirit before! It was beautiful” “I’ve taken psychedelics in the past to manage my PTSD and trauma and never had an experience that cleansing and transcendent! I can’t…

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Best Ways To Streamline Your Morning Routine

To avoid anxiety in the morning, it’s crucial that you give yourself more prep time. Discover some of the best ways to streamline your morning routine. Whether it’s the act of getting out of bed or trying to scrounge up something to eat as quickly as possible, mornings can be rough for anyone. Starting your…

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How to handle job burnout

Job burnout happens when you’re no longer motivated by your job. You may feel exhausted and unfulfilled, even if you love what you do. It can be caused by long work hours, a toxic work environment, or a lack of work-life balance. This is one of the most frequent reasons employees quit their jobs. According…

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