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Soul Rising Morning Meditation

It’s back…. Meet me Monday morning as we kick off our week and the beginning of the new year with a powerful breathwork meditation and call to action. Bringing our group together to share space, inspire one another and hold each other accountable has proven to be a great benefit to everyone. In this week’s…

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Run Your Own Race

You possess unparalleled qualities. Your journey and purpose are uniquely yours. Life is unfolding to benefit you! Frequently, we fall into the trap of comparing our lives to others, creating unnecessary stress. We start living outwardly, anticipating the world to transform and searching for happiness and approval from others. This also leads us to approach…

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Action Mastery with Brett Baughman

“Whatever you do, take the risk, go for it! Life is happening for you, every day.  The key is mastering how to navigate it. Through my coaching and transformational events, I will help you design a lifestyle that excites you while consistently bringing you new levels of growth and fulfillment. To learn more about our upcoming…

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