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In what ways can partnerships and collaborations outside the organization fuel innovation

Fueling Innovation Through External Partnerships and Collaborations Innovation is not just the lifeblood of businesses striving to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world; it is also the hallmark of resilient and forward-thinking organizations. However, fostering innovation isn’t confined to internal efforts alone. Increasingly, companies are looking beyond their walls, realizing that partnerships and collaborations with…

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Testimonial: Josh ‘Fritz’ Friedensohn’s Journey at the Action mastery retreat in Tulum

In the ever-accelerating pace of modern life, finding moments of genuine connection and introspection can be challenging. However, for Josh ‘Fritz’ Friedensohn, attending the Breath House Retreat proved to be a transformative experience, one that reshaped his perspective on personal growth, community, and spirituality. The Quest for Balance and Meaning Fritz embarked on this journey…

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The Transformational Power of Gratitude: How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Introduction: In a world where the hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes overshadow the good things, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the positive aspects of our lives. Gratitude, the practice of acknowledging and being thankful for the good in our lives, has been scientifically proven to have profound effects…

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Our November Newsletter on #GivingTuesday

It’s perfect timing on this #givingtuesday to take a moment to give thanks for all the extraordinary blessings I’ve lived this year. I thank God every day for my calling to be a coach and a guide who is gifted the opportunity to walk side by side with so many radiant souls as they bravely…

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Ways To Transform Your Body Without Exercise

There are multiple ways to live a healthy lifestyle without relying on extraneous physical activity. Explore ways to transform your body without exercise. While the value of working out regularly is undeniable, you should also acknowledge that personal circumstances can make it difficult or even impossible to stick to a stringent exercise regimen. For those…

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Action Mastery, Transformation & Peak Performance with Brett Baughman | Episode 151

EPISODE SUMMARY Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt and business and life coach Brett Baughman as they discuss how to uplevel your life and business. Click Here to Listen to our episode!  In this episode, we talk about: – Important mindset shifts for more peace of mind – Designing powerful transformational retreats…

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Welcome to Action Mastery!

If you’re a high performing executive or entrepreneur who’s ready to ignite your passion, quantum leap your thinking and skills to the next level and forge a path to abundance that makes a positive impact in your life and the world around you – then join us in breathtaking Tulum for this powerful and transformational…

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Let go of what’s not serving you!

Learning the ways of Sachamama, the Great Serpent 🐍 The serpent is the South Direction of the Medicine Wheel and teaches us to shed our skin and release old thinking and behaviors that aren’t serving us anymore… What are you holding onto that hurting you? What old stories are you telling yourself? You’re not good…

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The First Step is the Hardest…!

The hardest step to take is the first and I totally get that… Unfortunately, the fear of failure and anxiety of making a bad decision keeps us from taking the actions we need in order to grow and improve our lives. Having spent many years as a life and business coach, I’ve come to realize…

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This technique saved my Relationship

It’s best to keep it simple! When I’m helping someone to improve their performance or we’re working on making shifts in mindset, I find it’s best to use simple strategies that produce dynamic results quickly. One of the biggest struggles I see that most people face daily is getting caught up in emotional thinking.  I like…

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