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Leaders Helping Leaders

Thank you @tbroadbent23 for inviting me to conduct a Leadership training for your management team at WorktoLive LLC and @mcdonalds It was an honor sharing space and teaching with you… You have an outstanding team and your passion and commitment to their growth and success is really inspiring my friend! Here’s to 2024 being a…

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Action Mastery with Brett Baughman

“Whatever you do, take the risk, go for it! Life is happening for you, every day.  The key is mastering how to navigate it. Through my coaching and transformational events, I will help you design a lifestyle that excites you while consistently bringing you new levels of growth and fulfillment. To learn more about our upcoming…

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Be a Blessing and Watch What Happens

True joy in life comes through helping other rise up! Life can be so difficult and challenging. It’s easy to become overwhelmed or negative…but it’s important to remember that even in the toughest of times, there is beauty all around us. Stress and problems can cause us to perceive the world through a negative lens…

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