Three Subtle Ways To Add Color to Your Office

May 25, 2022 |

Adding color to your office is a great way to benefit the wellness and atmosphere of the office staff. Read these tips for adding color to the office.

Has your office’s energy felt a little unmotivated or lethargic lately? Consider using pops of color to enhance workflow while staying trendy. Although every employee’s hours differ, most individuals spend more time at their workplace than at their own homes. Update the office and subtly add color throughout to provide employees with a place that can feel like their home away from home.

Wall Color

Changing a room’s wall color is a simple but highly effective way to add color to your office space. A solid-colored accent wall can definitely liven up a space. Bright, bold colors are shown to increase brain activity and emotional responses. This can be effective in workspaces, as it might increase the energy of those within the office. On the other hand, pops of color can also be calming, especially shades of blue and green. In fact, the color blue has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rates.


If changing a room’s wall color piques your interest, consider taking it a step further! An art mural on a wall of the office can add visual appeal to the office. The mural should coordinate with your business and brand. Add some 3D abstract shapes on top of the mural for added effect. Art is proven to add ambiance and comfort to a space—you can’t go wrong by adding this quirky element to the office. Use neutral tones in the mural to make it more subtle than bold.


Colored accents are the most subtle option to add color to the office. If your office has couches, purchase some colored throw pillows that work with the overall theme. Additionally, consider using modular office furniture to spice up the space; its flexibility allows you to switch up accents easily. Moving the office furniture around allows you to add, move, or remove accents along the way. Add a happy design element to office tables and desks through flowers. If it’s feasible to do so, use fresh flowers to add a nice scent to the office. For a more long-term option, consider fake flowers that you won’t have to maintain. Lastly, add or change the artwork on the walls. Graphic prints that match your specified color theme will provide a timeless look.

Color has more of an effect on our work ethic and wellness than we tend to think. Take some time to reflect on your office’s current design. If it feels dull and cold, consider these tips and make changes accordingly.