Use What You’ve Got!

January 18, 2019 |

If you want more success in your life then you have to take action. Each day we are reading and being presented with tons of great information to help you overcome the stress and problems in your life; but are you using it? Have you done webinars or read books over the past year and not acted on the teachings? …Well it’s time!

It’s simple. We are all happiest when we are growing  and challenging ourselves to learn something new that excites us or inspires us. And it’s always excellent to learn something that will make your life easier or better.

The hard part is finding the motivation to get started or to step away from the things that are causing you stress.

So here’s your simple 3 step plan to get you started: 

1. First, having the right attitude is key! If you approach a problem with the wrong mindset or attitude you will most likely fail! So before you begin your process of growing yet to understand why and be passionate about doing it. For me, a simple understanding that everything in life is better when you earn it helps me get motivated. I find the most of my clients find motivation when they realize everything that doing right now is it formula that’s producing and happiness; therefore any action you take Tim prove it is in a make you feel better and improve your life.

2. Start with something small and something fun! The goal here is to help you feel better no support late and secondly to help you begin developing a habit of setting goals and knocking them off! So pick something that you can do today or over this weekend that will challenge you but that you know you can successfully accomplish if you put your mind to it; and most importantly make sure it’s something that you will be happy you’ve done when you turn around a week from now and look back

3. Use what you got! I am confident that you spent time over the past couple years either reading books, going to seminars, attending webinars, following people on social media, reading motivational posts and much more… and I’m confident all of these people and all of these resources have provided you with incredible information that is not been put to use yet!

Now is the time!!!

Look back over all the resources you gain over the past year or two; find one tool or one lesson that inspired you but you didn’t take action on it; and give it a shot! What do you have to lose?

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