Walk in the Light

February 23, 2019 |

Every day we have a choice as to how we will perceive, approach and receive the world around us….and yes it is a choice! .

How you feel about a situation or person doesn’t change the facts of the situation but instead Changes how you behave and react to it. .

Imagine that you were two people, one very optimistic person that always believes you can and one negative person who is always worried you will fail. Now imagine you had to pick one of these people to help you work on a project and to achieve a goal that is very important to you. Who would you choose? I think the choice is obvious, don’t you? .

Here’s what I want you to understand and take away from today’s post… When you have a positive attitude you are actually able to think more intelligently and you access more resources from your mind. The reverse is true when you’re negative; you begin to act emotionally and start to make rash decisions out of fear and limiting beliefs. .

The quality of your life is equal the quality of your choices… To walk in the light means to choose the path that’s right for you; to seek enlightenment and empowerment and equality for all, at all times!