Were You Misdiagnosed?

January 24, 2018 |

Let me start by saying “you are better than you think!”

It’s always good to keep a positive attitude especially when you are dealing with stress or trying to overcome or remove a problem.  And I think by now we all know that obsessing on a problem doesn’t help to solve it.  But there’s another issue that’s bigger and most people don’t realize it.  Misdiagnosis.  And it happens a lot.

When it comes to being misdiagnosed, there are two areas I like to discuss; the first one is obvious.  You go to a doctor and they check you out and they think you have one condition and after testing or seeing how you react to certain meds, they realize the diagnosis was wrong.  This is typical and most of the time the doctor started the process not being certain but doing there best to evaluate and treat the patient/client appropriately.

The second kind however, tends to be harder to recognize and most of the time the patient or client is left thinking they have a problem that is not really the problem.

You see, our old ways of thinking regarding health was to always look for an external factor that caused the illness.  And we like to treat our injuries and illness with medicine believing if we don’t take a prescription or get a cold medicine or take our anxiety pills that we won’t get better.  This is wrong!

It has been proven time and time again that ‘we heal our bodies’ with our minds.  And when I say our minds, I don’t mean that we sit and look in a mirror and watch the problem change shape.  We use our minds through finding clarity as to the real issue.  We begin to take an objective look at our lives.  We look at the decisions we are making and the stress levels we are experiencing daily and discover what needs to change.

The true key to optimal health is your mental attitude.  I have been a life coach for twenty years and every single person that I’ve coached has realized that the real problem was their attitude or thinking.  The attitude they had created about their lives and the problem weren’t supporting the change they want to make.

Ask yourself, “how many times have I set a goal and not reached it?”  Even the important ones, right?  We have all had something we really wanted to achieve or something we really wanted to stop doing like smoking or over-eating.  But even though you know it’s bad for you and you see the benefits of quitting, we don’t!

Why is that?  It’s your attitude.

Your attitude is made up of your Values – what’s most important to you in your life.  Your beliefs – how you feel and what you think about your values.  And your behaviors, how you choose to act upon your values and beliefs.  These items produce your results in life and therefore create your attitude.

For most of us, figuring out why we don’t feel well or answering what is wrong is a tough question.  And we tend to look outside of ourselves for others to give us the answer.  Or even worse – to blame our problems on other people, the government, the system, our boss etc.  But the answer is inside! The answer comes when you learn face your fears and understand your limitations.  When you allow yourself to be objective about your decision making so that you can learn how to improve it. The answer comes when you evaluate your life and commit to make positive changes.

This does not mean you are a bad person or that you are a lost cause.  It simply means that you need to invest valuable time into refining your process.

Through Life and Business Coaching I help you to decipher that changes that need to be made or the skills that need to be learned so that you can feel fulfilled and find passion each day in your life.

If you are unhappy with the results you are seeing in your life and you want to improve the way you feel and the relationships you keep; Or you want to reduce the stress around your business and uncover how to have fun while making money!  Then give me a call; I am always excited to help another person become The Ideal You®

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