“What Daily Leadership Habit Drives Your Business & Your Life?”

August 22, 2019 |

Hey everyone, if you’re looking for a good read, here is one for you! This article comes from my friend and business associate Lori Young. She decided to ask a handful of successful business leaders “What daily leadership habit drives your business and your life?” It’s a great collection of powerful ideas that you can apply today and start seeing results immediately. Lori interviewed me as one of the leaders and I am very honored to be a part of her project. Check it out and let me know what you think and even better yet, use the tools everyone is sharing so you can enjoy the benefits!

Each of us learn from the “experts” all the time, by reading their books, watching their videos, or reading their quotes on the internet.  But I wanted to talk with everyday smart and successful business owners that you may or may not have heard of. These individuals are making a difference in the lives of others. I wanted their answer to one simple question:


This was a fun exercise in not only connecting with some new people, but mostly getting a peek into a small window of their lives.  What do “everyday” real people do to practice success on a daily basis? What habit could you start in your life? Could any of these individuals make a difference for you?

Brett Baughman

Brett Baughman, Master NLP Life & Business Coach

IG: @mtmlifecoaching

“It has been proven time and time again that having a morning routine helps you to create success and momentum for your day and your life.

Each morning, I wake up on an alarm at 6am. I do this because I want to choose the time that I wake up and be excited to start my day rather than waking up whenever and dreading my day and going back to sleep.

Once I wake, the first thing I do is I take care of myself from the inside out! I go someplace quiet and I spend roughly 20 to 30 minutes where I meditate on what I call The Ideal You. Then I focus on a list of positive affirmations and things I’m grateful for in my life. This allows me to center my mind and put my energy into the things I’m most passionate about in my life.

It prepares me for my day and helps me to create my life rather than being affected and trying to cope with unexpected problems and stress. Then I head to the gym for a great workout before I begin working with clients.

This discipline provides me with consistent positive results. It makes sure I’m taking care of myself, loving myself in a healthy way and performing at my peak so I can create the best results for myself and my clients.”

Elyse Tager

A business coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs and the creator of the course “Solo2CEO”


“I think about two things constantly as the leader of my rapidly growing business.

KISS (Keep it Simple, Sweetie).  What is the simplest, LEAST complex way that I can achieve a goal?  Complexity does not equal better, plus it just adds to the crazy-making of your biz.  Make it easy for the prospect to say YES! Make it easy for you to accomplish what you set out to do.

My primary, daily focus:  take good care of my current community and clients.  Be sure I am providing constant value to improve their lives and business.  The sales will follow!”

Fraser Cameron

#EPICDADS is my passion…it’s my mission. It’s about creating more #EPICDADS that make a massive impact in all that they do – showing their kids (and anyone else that is watching) that anything’s possible.


When I asked Fraser what daily leadership habit drives his business and life, his reply was SIMPLE, yet very SPECIFIC.  “For me, it’s all about listening to my instinct and actioning it.”

Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca is a law of attraction expert, consultant, online course creator, and host of She’s Un-Offend-Able Podcast. She teaches people how to create their worlds from the inside out.


“I use a process daily that allows me to create my life and business from the inside out. I call it, “The Energetic Hustle.” Each morning I take time to Iine up my energy for the day by creating what I call “emotional anchors.” I simply find and hold the feeling places (as long as possible) that I want to influence my day (i.e. love, excitement, confidence, etc). I am sending the energy out ahead of me so that it sets up the perfect circumstances that match those emotions as I move through my day. It takes the struggle out of the hustle and allows me to flow through the day much more easily.”

Billy Christianson

Billy Christianson is an Oola Life Coach and Profit First business coach for anyone who needs help finding balance in this unbalanced world!


“Time blocking. Every Friday I use Google calendar to time block my upcoming work week. This allows me to be intentional with where I’m spending my time and increases my productivity. When I’m working on my business…I know what I should be doing with a quick glance at my calendar. AND when it’s time to unplug and focus on my personal life, I know I can do that guilt-free because I’ve already accomplished everything I planned to do!”

Keldie Jamieson

Keldie is a Certified Online Business Manager™ and Certified OBM® Trainer who helps business leaders and administrators transition their career into the online world so they can have more freedom, more income opportunities, and make more of an impact on the success of a business. 


“I have three words I live by in business and life. Love-Inspire-Empower.

I approach all interactions with people from these words. We get what we give, so I make it my mission to love, inspire, and empower someone every day. Whether that’s helping a team member, networking within my online and offline community, or talking to a stranger. I believe I’m here to listen and help people achieve their own goals. Everyone has a unique story and a unique gift for this world. Much of my business comes from referrals due to my approach of being of service first.”

Joe Schum

Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Conversational Intelligence (CC-CIQ), Joe is the challenger that dares you to be different every day, moving you forward with integrity.  Through his unique coaching process, his job is to hold a flashlight for you, shine it where you are unable to see clearly, and then, and this is the critical part, HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE for the next steps that take you forward.  


“In a hyphenated word: Self-care.  I break this into three pieces – physical, emotional, intellectual.  Before I can be or do anything for my business I tune into these components of a self-care (and in a good way, selfish) perspective.

Physical – I work out 6 or 7 mornings each week.

Emotional – I stay off all social media until I’ve completed my workout and cleaned up for work.

Intellectual – I spend 30 minutes either reading for my profession or reading or listening to French. (I have a goal to be bilingual)

Then I’m ready for what lies ahead.  And that roadmap is my calendar.”

Susan Elford 

Delivering excellence in communications for over 25 years, Susan has served senior leaders in corporations, governments, and organizations across Canada.  As a Professional Co-Active Coach, Susan is passionate about meeting her clients where it matters most, and helping them gain the clarity and direction they are looking for so they can be the best leaders they can be in their business, in their career, and in their life.


“Effective Leadership starts with you. For me, this means grounding myself in a morning routine – before I see my first client – that grounds and centers me and allows me to purposefully and energetically enter the day ahead.

  1. Check social & email first thing (old PR habits die hard – I like to address any immediate crises of the day first thing!)
  2. Meditate for 10-15 minutes (gratitude practice here too)
  3. Read non-fiction for 10-15 minutes (sparks new ideas daily)
  4. Let the dog out, make coffee, kitchen clean-up, make lunches, get kids off to school (the essentials!)
  5. Respond to email for 30 minutes (keeps the team moving & responds to immediate client concerns)
  6. Be active: Walk dog/run/yoga/work out (brain works even better post-workout!)”

Dan Mendilow

Dan Mendilow used to hustle 24/7 in order to build his business and earn his freedom, but ended up stressed out, burned out, and unhappy.  After 2 years of feeling trapped by his own business, he discovered the method that freed him from the patterns that kept him overworked and underpaid and allowed him to create a lifestyle and business of real choice, abundance, and freedom.  Now, Dan gives back to life by helping other coaches do the same.


“The most important leadership habit I use is a combination of intention, self-awareness, and excitement.  The problem with self-awareness is that you must have it in order to know how self-aware you are or are not, and that’s impossible, so I work with the highest-caliber coaches to uncover my blind spots.  Then I clear any limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and abundance blocks we discover. Next, I intentionally tailor what I do, who I do it with, and when, in order to align with my highest excitement. That gives me all the confidence, self-love, and inspiration I need to be an ultimately magnetic leader.”

Katie McKay

Co-Owner at Chewie Media, a home-grown and agile website design, website development, design, branding, and video company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as Brooks, Alberta.


“Our daily leadership skill that we practice around the home and in business is Empathy. Whether it is working with each other, our children, or our clients, understanding where the other person is coming from and feeling their needs and goals as our own produces a better relationship. We end up being able to fulfill goals more accurately, diffuse disagreements quicker, and get to the heart of any pain points without any misunderstanding – plus each of us feels that we are valued through the entire process, whatever it may be. It’s easy to want to “win” at these things, it’s more fulfilling to work together.”


Lori Young

Lori Young is a certified online business manager and founder of Amazing OBM.  I help overwhelmed and busy 6-7 figure business owners scale their business by taking over the management of their operations, team, and digital marketing.

www.amazingobm.com and FB Group Amazing Biz

“Since I’ve been a youngster, learning has been my jam.  I loved school. When I turned 21, that love of learning turned into a personal growth journey, where I studied myself to increase my self-awareness.  That awareness led to my love of psychology and the study of human behavior, which eventually led to earning my coaching certification. I am like a girl scout that wants to learn new things to earn my badges and stars.  I am constantly learning and growing. I ask a lot of questions because I am curious. I read, I take courses, I earn certifications. I am a junkie for learning. My commitment to learning is a daily habit that I think largely contributes to the success I have had in my business and life.”