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How To Become a More Confident Public Speaker

You’ll probably need to speak in front of a group at some point in your career. If that prospect makes you nervous, this is the perfect guide for you. Do you ever find yourself breaking into a cold sweat at the mere thought of speaking in front of an audience? Perhaps you’ve experienced your heart…

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Breathwork for Leaders: Overcoming Burnout, Stress, and Anxiety for Peak Performance

Introduction In today’s high-stakes business environment, executives are continually searching for strategies to excel. Breathwork, a key but often underutilized tool, offers remarkable benefits for those in leadership roles. It addresses common challenges such as anxiety and PTSD, which are increasingly prevalent among professionals. By incorporating breathwork, executives can achieve heightened performance and resilience. Breathwork…

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3 Techniques To Improve Your Active Listening Skills

Active listening is an essential component of effective communication. Check out these techniques to improve your active listening skills in all areas of life. Active listening requires practice, but it’s an essential component of high-quality communication. As an active listener, you absorb the information someone shares with you and reinforce what you hear through questions…

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Leaders Helping Leaders

Thank you @tbroadbent23 for inviting me to conduct a Leadership training for your management team at WorktoLive LLC and @mcdonalds It was an honor sharing space and teaching with you… You have an outstanding team and your passion and commitment to their growth and success is really inspiring my friend! Here’s to 2024 being a…

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3 Self-Care Tips Every Manager Should Know

As a manager, you’re accustomed to putting the needs of your team members before your own. Check out these self-care tips every manager should know. As a workplace leader, you probably put the needs of others before your own. After all, it’s your job to ensure your team members feel supported. However, an important part…

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10 Admirable Qualities in Effective Leaders

Below is an excerpt from a recent article I was asked to collaborate on regarding effective qualities of leadership.  At the bottom, you can find a link to explore the other great ideas shared.  Enjoy!   Passion and Discipline: Driving Forces in Leadership A leader’s focus is to guide others to new levels of achievement…

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Different Tips You’ll Want To Know as an Office Assistant

Office assistant work is a difficult task as you need to work for others and fulfill their needs as they come to you. Here are some tips to make it easier. Being an office assistant involves having others rely on you to accomplish tasks for them so they can do their job. Your work is…

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Mistakes To Avoid as a Burgeoning Entrepreneur

The world of entrepreneurship relies on a lot of far-fetched ideas and drive to achieve success. Here are some mistakes to avoid as a burgeoning entrepreneur. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to go big in the business world, developing unique products and services that change the world, there’s a lot you need to do…

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5 Ways To Promote Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity is a valuable commodity in the business world, and your team needs it in spades. Discover a few ways to promote creativity in the workplace. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, fostering creativity in the workplace can prove to be a game-changer. If you’re looking to drive innovation and stay ahead of the…

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Steps for Men Trying To Improve Their Self-Esteem

Are you looking for ways to live more confidently? Invest in yourself and your happiness with these steps for men trying to improve their self-esteem. Everyone gets down on themselves from time to time. But when your insecurities start to outweigh the things you feel good about, it’s time for a change. Building your self-confidence…

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